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Canadian Chevrolet Registry

because you sent so many of these in ,i have to expand it

thanks for helping guys

Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown          7210                                                    Saskatchewan       link
#1708            Capitol 5 Pass. sedan
          , spotted by 67poncho


Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown      8170       6cyl                                                  link
K 6471           National AB 5 pass. coach       spot. 67poncho




Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown      8870      6cyl                                 Sask.           link
C2069      International 2dr coach          spotted by 67poncho





Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown           30558                                                   ,B.C          link  
#445     Universal 2dr  Sport Coupe                                     ,Ebay




Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown     31558      6cyl                       Sask.            link
Job#370         Independence 2dr Sport Coupe        spot.Harko




Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown     32551  Conf.100     1061     (57 int.)      Sask.     link
#5910    Confederate 2dr coach       spot. 67poncho




Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic






Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown         34567               86    (139 int.)    Saskatchewan    link
Job#160     Master 2dr standard coupe                    spot. 67poncho





Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic


unknown    1207    206ci     520     (150 int)     B.C     link
#441   Standard 2dr coupe    Oshawa Blue                     Ebay

unknown    1019       6cyl       502       (160 int.)   Sask.      link
#869    Master Six 4dr sport sdn        
spot. 67poncho

 unknown      1209      6cyl        547       (150 int.)   Sask.       link
#802    Standard Six sedan                           spotted by 67poncho



Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown            1271              6cyl         602        (152 int.)     Quebec      link
#123      Standard  Sedan Delivery                           kijiji

unknown     1291      6cyl      601     (182 int.)  Manitoba   link
#2687   Standard spec. coach                                kijiji




Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown              12-01           6cyl          701     (205 int.)  Saskatchewan  link
#38             ,Master 2dr coach                              ,spotted by 67poncho

unknown             12-19             6cyl         703      (205 int.)  Ontario         link
Master 4dr  sport sdn                                                     spot. 68sd

unknown      10-11N             6cyl          701    (207 int)   Nova Scotia     link
Master Deluxe town sedan spotted by MC

Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown            1211         6cyl        806      (288 int.)  Saskatchewan   link 
288 ,     Master town sedan                             spotted by 67poncho
Regina build 8

Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown     10-17      6cyl     903     (274 int.)    Sask.       link
#167     Master Deluxe 2dr coupe                 spot. 67poncho

unknown      10-19            6cyl           906     (284 int.)  Sask,       link
Master Deluxe 4dr sport sdn                       spotted by 67poncho

Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown            12-11              6cyl          46     (300 int.)  ontario        link
#48           Master 85 town sdn                                                            spot. 68sd

unknown     10-27     6cyl          43      (303 int.)  Ontario    link
#439    Special Deluxe coupe                       ,kijiji

unknown      10-19               6cyl               43     (334 int.)  Ontario           link
Special Deluxe 4dr sport sdn spot 68sd

unknown      12-11             6cyl              42    (300 int.)  Saskatchewan   link
Master 85 2dr town sdn            , spotted by 67poncho

Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown       12-27B        6cyl           143       (341 int.)  Sask.               link 
#265 Master Deluxe Business coupe  Pearl Grey        spot. 67poncho
Regina Build 8

unknown      1211             6cyl           141     (341 int.)  Sask.        no pic
#552        Master Deluxe 2dr town sedan    Oshawa Blue
Built Regina 8                ,Spotted by 67poncho

unknown        12-11      6cyl        148     (341 int.)   Sask.      no pic
#668     Master Deluxe 2dr town sdn     Penguin Grey
67Poncho    Regina Build 8

unknown      12-27B           6cyl          FC2      (341 int.)  Sask.         link
     Master Deluxe Business Coupe
   Fleet code paint 67poncho

unknown      1219     6cyl     148      (341 int.)    Sask.         link
#1217    Master Deluxe 4dr sport sdn    Penquin Grey
Regina Build 8    spot. 67poncho

unknown    12-19                 6cyl              146       (341 int.)   Sask.      link
#3084        Master Deluxe 4dr sport sdn    Loch Green     spotted by 67poncho

unknown       12-69           6cyl         SP1696     (442 int.)   Saskatchewan  link
   Master Deluxe 4dr Fleetline sdn     Special Order paint
spotted by 67poncho

production date     model                   engine      colour      location?   owner   pic

unknown           12-27         6cyl          247      (370 int.)   Manitoba      link
#61         Master Deluxe 2dr coupe                                             ,kijiji

unknown        12-27            6cyl        240       (371 int.)  Manitoba      link
#197      Master Deluxe 2dr coupe                                                   ,kijiji

1941 paint codes

140 Black
141 Oshawa Blue
142 Rex Maroon
143 Pearl Grey
144 Rifle Green
146 Loch Green
147 Indra Blue
148 Penguin Grey
170 Miami Sand
171 Hartman Cream

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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown       12-27          6cyl        643    (370 int.)  Manitoba      link
#418      Stylemaster 2dr sport coupe                                         ,Ebay

unknown       12-19           6cyl         646     (371 int.)  Saskatchewan   link
#6407       Stylemaster 4dr sdn                                                     Cheviac

Unknown           12-19       6cyl          644       (? int.)     Saskatchewan    link
         Stylemaster 4dr sdn                  spotted by 67poncho

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Canadian Poncho Superstar!

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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown           12-27          6cyl              702   (371 int.)    ontario       
#455           Stylemaster 2dr Sport  coupe

unknown          12-19          6cyl              720     (370 int.)  Sask.  67poncho  link
Stylemaster 4dr sport sdn

unknown      12-19             6cyl              701     (370 int.)  Sask.       link
#2478    Stylemaster 4dr sport sdn                          ,spot. 67poncho

unknown    12-19       6cyl    700     (371 int.)    Sask.     link
#5826   Stylemaster 4dr sport sdn                       spot. 67poncho

unknown           12-19        6cyl                700    (371 int.)   ontario    no pic
#6162      Stylemaster 4dr sport sdn                                       

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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown    12-19     6cyl       800   (401 int.)  Ontario    link
#441     StyleMaster 4dr sport sdn     Black

unknown         10-07           6cyl          802       (403 int.)   ontario
#1428     Fleetline 2dr Areosedan

unknown     10-07        6cyl           806     (401 int)  Saskatchewan     link
Fleetline 2dr Aerosedan Valley Green spotted by 67poncho

unknown    12-19               6cyl           804     (402 int.)  Sask.           link
Stylemaster 4dr sport sdn ,spotted by 67poncho

unknown       12-19       6cyl          809     (401 int.)  Sask.       link
#6279    StyleMaster 4dr sport sdn                    spot. 67poncho




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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown      10-08             6cyl            908      (415 int.)  Sask.       link
#2816      Fleetline Deluxe 4dr sdn                                ,Harko

unknown         10-69       6cyl        917     (415 int.)   Saskatchewan    link
Styleline Deluxe 4dr sdn                        spot. 67poncho

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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown           10-11             6cyl          52    (426 int.)   ontario         link
#793            Styleline Deluxe 2dr coach                                

unknown      10-27       6cyl      52      (426 int.)  Sask.     link
#992     Styleline De Luxe 2dr sport coupe            spot. 67poncho

unknown     12-08     6cyl        57     (431 int.)    Sask.       link
#2439    Fleetline Special 4dr sdn                     spot. 67poncho

unknown         12-11           6cyl           50   (431 int.)    ontario         link
#7710      Styleline Special 2dr coach                                      spotted by 68sd

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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown           12-11         6cyl           157  (444 int.)   ontario         
#2901      Styleline Special  2dr coach                              

unknown     12-69     6cyl        151     (444 int.)   Sask.       link
#4129     Styleline Special 4dr sdn                 spot. 67poncho

unknown        10-07          6cyl            162   (440 int.)    ontario link
#4178     Fleetline Deluxe2dr coupe
Aldershot Grey Met. spotted by 68sd

unknown          10-07         6cyl              153   (440 int.)    ontario          
#4206      Fleetline Deluxe 2dr coupe                                    

unknown         12-69        6cyl           154      (444 int.)   ontario          link
#8271      Styleline Special 4dr                                                 spottted by 68sd

unknown     12-11        6cyl                160     (444 int.)  Saskatchewan    link
Styleline Special 2dr coach       spotted by 67poncho

unknown      12-69        6cyl         161      (442  int.)   Saskatchewan   link
Styleline Special 4dr sdn    Spartan Grey met.    ,spot. 67poncho

unknown     12-69       6cyl             153     (442 int.)   Saskatchewan   link
#12991     Styleline Special 4dr sdn                    spotted by 67poncho

unknown     10-69      6cyl       162     (440 int.)    Sask.      link
#14698    Styleline Deluxe 4dr sdn    Aldershot Grey met.     spot.67poncho


51 colours
159 Glider Grey
161 Spartan Grey Metallic
162 Aldershot Grey Metallic
163 Aspen Grey Metallic

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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown        12-27           6cyl         263     (476 int.) Saskatchewan    link
Styleline Special 2dr sport coupe spot. 67poncho

unknown      12-71      6cyl         SP2188     (416 int.)  Sask.      link
#808    Styleline Sedan Dilivery                                  spot. 67Poncho

unknown     10-37     6cyl     274     (482 int.)   Sask.       link
#1368     Styleline Belair 2dr coupe                spotted by 67oncho

unknown              10-11       6cyl            264    (490 int.)   ontario      
#1370         Styleline Deluxe 2dr sdn                                     

unknown       10-69         6cyl         263      (480 int.)m  Sask.          link

#7378       Styleline Deluxe 4dr sdn                             spot. 67poncho

unknown      10-69            6cyl          256     (491 int.)   Sask.          link
#9347    Styleline Deluxe 4dr sdn                             ,Harko

unknown           12-69             6cyl        253    (476 int.)   ontario       
#10596      Styleline Special 4dr sdn                                                 

unknown             12-11          6cyl        264     (476 int. )    ontario              link
#11797      Styleline Special  2dr sdn                                             spot. 68sd

unknown         10-69              6cyl         263       (480 int.)  Saskatchewan  link
#15958       Styleline De Luxe 4dr sdn                  spotted by 67poncho

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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown            10-11WD     6cyl           357    (504int.)  ontario
#95              Belair 2dr sdn             Horizon Blue          spotted by 68sd

unknown     12-27     6cyl          365      (508 int.)   Sask.      link
#733    150 club coupe                     spot. 67poncho

unknown    10-69WD     6cyl     358     (505 int.)  Sask.       link
#789      Belair 4dr sdn                            spot. 67poncho

unknown         10-11WD       6cyl         350     (504int.)   Sask.   67Poncho   link
Belair 2dr sdn           Black

unknown      12-27      6cyl      365       (508 int.)     Sask.       link
#832     150 club coupe                         spotted by 67poncho

unknown          10-69WD    235ci          358   (504 int.)  Sask.   67poncho    link
Belair 4dr sdn

unknown    10-69WD     6cyl        374     (504 int.) Ontario    link
#12822   Belair 4dr sdn

unknown       10-37D       235ci      370     (534 int.)                       no pic
Belair 2dr hrdtp

unknown     12-69              235ci         354         (508 int.)             no pic
150 4dr sdn        
,Woodland Green met.

unknown          10-69W      235ci            365    (501 int.)  ontario           link
#3987         210 4dr sdn

unknown       10-69WD       235ci         350   (504 int.)   Sask.  67poncho   link
Belair 4dr sdn                   Black

unknown    10-69WD   6cyl     355     (507 int.)   Sask.      link
#10710   Belair 4dr sdn                              spot. 67poncho

unknown      10-69W     6cyl      365      (501 int.)   Sask.      link
#11529     210 4dr sdn                              spotted by 67poncho

unknown       10-69WD      235ci       355      (507 int.)   Sask.                link
#14168     Belair 4dr sdn
                      ,spot. 67poncho

unknown     10-69WD     6cyl     371     (506 int.)   Sask.      link
#14884     Belair 4dr sdn                 spot. Harko



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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown           10-11W      6cyl            451     (305 int.)   Sask.     link
,     210 2dr sdn
spotted by 67poncho

unknown          10-11WD        6cyl          454     (602 int.)    ontario        link
#2385         Belair 2dr notchback sdn                                                   spot. 68sd

unknown      12-69        6cyl             456     (300 lght grey cloth)  Sask.   link
#4357     150  4dr sdn                                          ,spot67poncho

unknown     10-69WD     6cyl     451     (601 int.)  Sask.      link
#6395    Belair 4dr sdn                 spot. Harko

unknown       12-11            6cyl        453    (300 lght grey cloth)    Sask.        link
,     150 2dr sdn
spotted by 67poncho

unknown       10-69WD      6cyl         478     (602 int.)   Saskatchewan    link
#916 2
    Belair 4dr sdn ,spotted by 67poncho

unknown     10-69WD       6cyl        470     (600 int.)   Saskatchewan     link
    Belair 4dr sdnspotted by 67poncho

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Canadian Poncho Superstar!

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1955  (79,030 built)
Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown    12-11B     265ci    550     (625int.)   Sask.      link
#75    150 2dr utility sdn   Black                 spotted by 67poncho

unknown     12-11B      235ci     FC1C    (625 int.)   Sask.     link
#245     150 2dr  utility sdn    fleet code paint      Gt374985spd

unknown    12-71        235ci          556    (501 int.)    B.C             link
#1447    150 sedan delivery      Lido Green           ,kijiji

unknown     12-71     235ci           551     (501  int.)     B.C           link
#1682         150 sedan delivery     Lancer Blue met.                      ,kijiji

unknown     10-37D      235ci           557     (519 blue & beige) Sask.     link
#1838   Belair 2dr hrdtp       Malibu Blue      spotted by 67poncho

unknown            10-19D       235 ci      558  (509 lt. blue/dk. blue) ontario  link
#2638         Belair 4dr                   Greystone White                  68sds old car

unknown       10-37D     235ci      571     (522 turquoise/beige int.) B.C    link
#3094   Belair 2dr hrdtp  3sp std. Greystone White/Regal Turquoise met.    kijiji

unknown     10-19D      265ci          584     (531 coral & drk grey)  Sask.  link
#3850    Belair 4dr sdn     Seastone Coral/Oxford Grey met.  spot. 67poncho

unknown    12-11      235ci     556     (625 int.)   Sask.      link
#4628   150 2dr sdn      Lido Green
spot. 67poncho

unknown     12-11      235ci     551     (625 int.)    Sask.       link
#5829    150 2dr sdn    Lancer Blue      spot. 67poncho

unknown       10-19D    235ci         579     (510 lght & drk green)Alberta  link
#6545         Belair 4dr sdn      Lido Green/Highland Green met.    ,CrazyJ

unknown              10-19         235ci       581A     (503 blue)  Sask.              link
#6547               210 4dr      Shoreline Beige /Lancer Blue       spotted 67poncho

unknown     12-11       6cyl       55K     (625 int.)    Sask.      link
#9761     150 2dr sdn      Elm Green        spot. 67poncho

unknown       12-19                235ci       55C     (625 int.)  Alberta       link
#9862       150  4dr sdn        Cashmere Blue/India Ivory       CrazyJ

unknown              12-11        6cyl        551    (625 int.)  ontario            link
#10867        150 2dr sdn             Lancer Blue met.                       spot. 68sd

unknown    12-11     235ci     558   (625 int.)     Saskatchewan     link
#10625    150 2dr sdn       Greystone White    
spotted by 67poncho

unknown           10-19           235ci        554    (  504 green)   ontario link
#10886      210  4dr sdn                   Highland Green met.       spot. 68sd

unknown          10-19        235ci            556   (504 green)    ontario             link
#14840         210 4dr  sdn       Lido Green                            spotted 68sd

unknown          10-19        235ci           5??      (50? int)   ontario             link
#17647      210 4dr sdn                                                        spotted by 68sd


247 of model 12-11B produced

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1956  (48,556 built in canada)
Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown       10-11D      235ci        1607    (918 int.)   Saskatchewan    link
#56         Belair 2dr sdn      India Ivory Nassau Blue

spotted by 67poncho

unknown    1062F    265ci      1005    (609 int.)  Sask.       link
88       210 4dr wagon      Pincrest Green       spot. 67poncho      BSO 340

March 12th 1956    10-11D   235ci    1007   (579 charcoal grey/ivory) ontario
#102                Belair 2dr sdn           India Ivory              spot. 68sd        link
1347 of  Belair 2dr sedan 10-11D produced     Sold Gorries Chev-Toronto Ont.

Aug. 16th 1956   1063F     235ci     1010    (609 charcoal/starfrost)       link 
#367           210 2seat wagon   Twilight Turquoise
Scotia Chev Olds Ltd.-halifax Nova Scotia

unknown           1039         235ci       1008    (565 int.)   California      link
#1619      210  4dr hrdtp       Crocus yellow                 ,Ebay

unknown       1019               235ci       1404    (566 int.)   Saskatchewan  link
#1746       210 4dr sdn         Harbour Blue met/Nassau Blue  spot.67poncho

unknown          1219       235ci      1301     (560 int.)   Sask.               link
#2955        150 4dr sdn      Crocus Yellow/Black       spot. 67poncho

unknown      1019D       235ci             1612    (934 int.)   Manitoba     link
#5584      Belair 4dr sdn      Iris /Dawn Grey met.

unknown               1019       235ci      1005    (866 int.)    Sask.
#10007         210 4dr sdn             Pinecrest Green              spotted by 67poncho

9397 of model 1211 produced  150 2 dr sdn

379 of model 1063F produced

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1957  (79,318 built)
Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown     1019 RD DOM   235ci   1007   (654 charcoal)  Great Britain   no pic
#1           Belair 4dr sdn     Imperial Ivory               Diplomatic vehicle

unknown    1263F      235ci     1015    (653 int.)   Saskatchewan.       link
#520    150 2dr wagon    Adobe Beige
BSO 213      spotted by 67Poncho

unknown          1037D       283ci      1607  (670  silver/black)  ontario   
#644             Belair 2dr hrdtp   Imperial Ivory/Silver grey   

unknown          1063F       6cyl      1410     (660 int.)   Saskatchewan    link
210 2dr handyman wagon      Dover White/Seminole Red
spotted by 67poncho

unknown      1011D    283ci    1612     (667  Beige /black/copper) ontario  link
#944       Belair 2dr sdn      Adobe Beige/Sierra Gold met.   BSO 340  spot. 68sd

unknown     1037        235ci      1010    (654 charcoal & ivory)  Ohio  link
#1511     210 2dr hrdtp     Tropical Turquoise        Ebay

unknown     1211      283ci        1202     (926 int.)   Saskatchewan     link
#1239      150 2dr sdn      Onyx Black /Dover White  
BSO 213 ,340        Spotted by 67poncho

unknown     1062F     6cyl        14??     (662 int.)   Sask.      link
#2219     210 4dr wagon                    spot. 67poncho

unknown     1019      235ci       1416     (654 charcoal & ivory)   Sask.     link
#2253    210 4dr sdn      Dover White/Chateau Grey met.   spot. 67poncho

BSO 213

Unknown    1037D    235ci        1612         (67? int.)                           no pic
#2654     Belair 2dr hrdtp      Adobe Beige            BSO  213         spot. Oracle

unknown      1219        235ci       1002     (926 int.)   Sask.     link
#9126    150 4dr sdn      Haven Blue met.        BSO 213      spot. 67poncho

unknown       1219       235ci            1009     (926 int.)   Saskatchewan     link
11052      150 4dr sdn       Seminole Red      ,spot67poncho
BSO 213

unknown     1219      235ci      1005     (926 int.)    Sask.      link
12236    150 4dr sdn      Mist Green        spot. 67poncho



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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

Unknown           1549       6 cyl       1013 (803 gunmetal/silver)   Sask. link
101242           Biscayne 4 dr                Silver grey               Spotted by 67poncho

unknown      1839     283ci        1007     (805 silver & gunmetal) Sask.  link
#101728   Bel Air 4dr hrdtp     Dover White    
Spot. 67 Poncho

unknown       1149     6cyl     1208  (800 gunmetal/silver)  Sasketchewan  link
#110679   Delray 4dr  Tropic Turquoise/Marlin Turquoise? 357 spot.67poncho

unknown      1541        6cyl        1005     (813 green bench) Sask.   link
#119498    Biscayne 2dr sdn    Seaforth Green      spot. 67ponch
BSO 357

unknown     1191       6cyl     1004    (843 gold & beige bench)   Sask.      link
#120349    Delray Yeoman 2dr wagon    Forest Green met.
spotted by Cheviac

unknown       1291     283ci     1011   (802 gunmetal/silver)    Alberta          link
#121986      Delray Yeoman 2dr wagon     Tropic Turquoise                   ,kijiji

unknown            1149            6cyl      1212   (800 gunmetal/silver)   Sask.
#126925          Delray 4dr                Dover White/?        spotted 67poncho

unknown         1749         6cyl          1614     (860 coral)  Saskatchewan link
#127112     Belair 4dr sdn                     spotted by 67poncho
BSO 357 ,372

unknown            1149             6cyl        1001  (800 gunmetal/silver)   Sask. link
#128480          Delray 4dr                 Black                      spotted by 67poncho

unknown         1149                6cyl        1014   (800 gunmetal/silver )  Sask. link
#129567       Delray 4dr                 Sierra Gold   spotted by 67poncho

unknown            1149             6cyl          1014  (800 gunmetal/silver)  Sask. link
#137970        Delray 4dr                 Sierra Gold              spotted by 67poncho

unknown              1149       6cyl          1011  (800 gunmetal/silver)  Sask. link
#140448         Delray 4 dr               Tropic turquoise       Spotted by 67poncho

unknown         1749           6cyl           1607    (614 int.)   B.C          link
#142546     Belair 4dr sdn   
BSO 357         Ebay

unknown             1293         V8         1015   (843 gold/beige)  ontario             link
#144320       Yeoman 4dr wagon               Honey Beige                  

unknown      1541      6cyl      1410   (803 gunmeta/silver)  ontario          link
#146536      Biscayne 2dr sdn              Dover white  /Seminole Red

unknown             1549          6cyl       1027   (803 gunmetal/silver)  ontario link
159870          Biscayne 4 dr              Chateau Grey             spotted by 68sd

Unknown      1749             6cyl             1610    (936 int.)  Saskatchewan    link
#167746       Belair 4dr sdn         Seminole Red/Dover White
BSO 357                                                                                   Spotted by 67Poncho


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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

Oct. 15th 1958      1719        235ci     1007   (852 med. turquoise)   link
#104050       Impala 4dr sdn      Snowcrest White
GM Company Car Saskatchewan

unknown            1119           6cyl         1003   (800 grey)  Saskatchewan link
#105803     Biscayne 4dr              Cameo Coral                spot. 67poncho

unknown        1170            6cyl       1008     (802 grey)  Alberta     link
#107295    Biscayne Delivery        Classic Cream     
BSO 140                 spotted by sixtywagon

unknown                1839         V8          1206  (841 blue)    ontario link
#107806        Impala 4dr hrdtp          Frost Blue

unknown           1111            6cyl            1002   (833 blue)  Sask.        link
#109900   Biscayne 2dr sdn              Harbour Blue              Harko

unknown     1519       6cyl                   1002      (838 blue)    Saskatchewan   link
#113141      Belair 4dr sdn      Harbour Blue met.    spotted by 67poncho

unknown          1837     283ci     1210     (873 red)   Sask.       link
#114964    Impala 2dr hrdtp     Roman Red/Snowcrest White
BSO 357                     spot. 67Poncho

unknown           1115          6cyl          1203    (818 green/yellow)   ontario link
115196       Biscayne 2dr wagon       green                            spotted by 68sd

unknown              1519          6cyl            1005 (822 green)   ontario link
#121908          Belair 4dr                    Aspen Green

unknown               1211           V8            1002  (833 blue)   Sask.              link
#129275        Biscayne 2dr sdn          Harbour Blue              spotted by 67poncho

unknown           1837             V8           1210     (873 red)                link
#133012      Impala 2dr hrdtp      Roman Red /Snowcrest White     Dano65

BSO  6A ,357

unknown          1170        6cyl       1009        (802 grey)  Alberta   link
#135143?     Biscayne Delivery     Roman Red
BSO 140    Spot. sixtywagon

unknown        1839      V8     1209  (865 copper/brown)  Sasketchewan      link
#137226 Impala 4dr hrdtp   Cameo Coral /Snowcrest white ?       6A  357

unknown                 1519      6cyl        1001  (806 gray)   Sask.                    link
#146961          Belair 4dr                 Tuxedo black              spotted by 67poncho

Unknown                 1535         6cyl        1005  (951 int.)  Sask.                
149612            Kingswood wagon              Aspen green       Spotted by 67poncho

unknown         1519           6cyl          1005   (951 int.)  Sask         link  

#157084      Belair 4dr sdn     Aspen Green               spot. 67poncho

unknown              1519              6cyl       1210   (806 int.)  Sask.        link
#157205       Belair 4dr            Roman Red/Snowcrest White?     Harko

BSO 357

unknown      1539        6cyl       1201      (806 gray)   Alberta       link
#158577    Belair 4dr hrdtp      Burgundy met.?     
BSO 357                          spot. sixtywagon

unknown       1219        V8     1005     (817 green/yellow)  Saskatchewan    link
#159432     Biscayne 4dr sdn     Aspen Green met.   spot. 67poncho

unkonwn              1119           6 cyl       1002  (833 blue)  Sask.                     link
168835            Biscayne 4 dr           Harbour blue          spotted by 67poncho

March 20th      1537    235ci    1209   (862 med & light copper) California link
1959          Belair 2dr hrdtp    Gothic Gold met/Satin Beige
Brooks Auto Service Ltd.-Brooks Alberta

1031 of model 1537 produced for sale in Canada

2153 of model 1719 produced for sale in Canada

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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown         1619           V8           C       (862 copper)  Sask.   link
#115628   Belair 4dr sdn      Ermine White         spotted by 67poncho

unknown      1519            6cyl        K      (822 green)  Alberta    link
#138453    Belair 4dr sdn      Cascade Green     spot. sixtywagon

Unknown           1867             V8         A     (810 black/white)   Sask.   link
#142102       Impala conv.           Tuxedo Black           spotted by 67poncho

unknown           1119           6cyl        S     (800 gray)   Sask.    link
#147285      Biscayne 4dr sdn      Suntan Copper      spotted by 67poncho

unknown               1119        6cyl          H            (833 blue)  ontario link
#161259         Biscayne 4dr        Horizon Blue                             

July 7th 1960     1835     348ci     C    (867 copper bench) Alberta link
#163105    Impala Wagon  auto   Ermine White sixtywagon
6A,391    Fowlie Motor Sales Ltd.-Calgary Alberta


256? of model 1835 produced

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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown           1569           6cyl       P/C      (849 turquoise)   Sask. link
#112169   Belair 4dr    Twilight Turquoise/Ermine White   spotted by 67poncho

unknown            1569        6cyl           V/C      (806 grey)   Sask.       link
#113034         Belair 4dr sdn     Roman Red/Ermine White       ,Harko

unknown              1169         6 cyl          F/ C     (833 blue)  Sask.
#114740      Biscayne 4dr    Jewel blue/Ermine white       Spotted by 67poncho

unknown        1539           6cyl          V /C     (872 red)  Saskatchewan    link
Belair 4dr hrdtp
Roman Red/Ermine White
BSO 6A                                     spotted by 67poncho

unknown      1769              6cyl          C     (873 red/ivory.)  Saskatchewan     link
Impala 4dr sdn      Ermine White
BSO 6A                             Spotted by 67poncho

unknown             1145           6cyl           A    (801 grey)     Alberta link
#129898         Biscayne wagon          Tuxedo Black          Spotted by sixtywagon

unknown             1569           6cyl           T/R    (862 fawn)   Ontario              link
#134144     Belair 4dr             Fawn Beige met./Adobe Beige       kijiji

unknown            1169            6cyl         V     (833 blue?)   Sask.           link
#142951     Biscayne 4dr sdn        Roman Red                   ,Harko

unknown           1569        6cyl            J        (822 blue)  Sask.              link
#146434     Belair 4dr sdn         Arbor Green                ,Harko

unknown              1669         V8       Q    (849 turquoise.)  Sask.
#148229          Belair 4dr            Seamist turquoise        Spotted by 67 poncho

unknown        1637          V8                 C    (872 red)   Alberta         link
Belair 2 dr hrdtp      Ermine White      spotted by sixtywagon
General Supplies Ltd. Calgary Alberta

unknown         1569           6cyl           A     (806 grey)    Sask.              link
#152289    Belair 4dr sdn      Tuxedo Black                   ,spot. 67poncho

unknown              1569           6cyl       T    (862 fawn)  ontario
#166039         Belair 4dr               Fawn Beige met.

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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown      1637     V8       Q     (850 aqua)     Alberta       no pic
#100012    Belair 2dr hrdtp       Twilight Turquoise
6A                  spotted by sixtywagon

unknown            1569          6 cyl           C    (872 red)   Sask. link
#108697       Belair 4dr                  Ermine white                  spotted by 67poncho

unknown         1169         6cyl       P/C     (852 turquoise)   Saskatchewan    link
#111437     Biscayne 4dr sdn       Twilight Blue/Ermine White    spot67poncho

unknown        1169      6cyl         FC602C    (876 red bench) Sask.   link
#111487   Biscayne 4dr sdn     Fleet Code paint        spot. 67poncho

unknown             1769          6cyl            A     (874 red)   ontario link
#112649        Impala 4dr                 Tuxedo Black                    

Unknown          1569          6cyl                Q  (850 aqua)   Sask. link
#113991         Belair 4dr                    Twilight turquoise      Spotted by 67poncho

unknown     1269       V8       R     (852 turquoise)    Sask.          link
#114030    Biscayne 4dr sdn      Adobe Beige        spot. 67poncho

unknown       1569          6cyl                 J     (823 green)   Sask.          link
Belair 4dr sdn     Laurel Green met.   spot. 67poncho

unknown          1569         6cyl             F     (839 blue)   Saskatchewan link
#115161      Belair 4dr            Silver Blue met.           spotted by 67poncho

Unknown              1839       283ci           T   (866 fawn)    ontario link
#118255     Impala 4 dr hdrtp        Autumn gold met.

unknown    1869      V8      J     (826 green bench)   Sask.     link
#123925    Impala 4dr sdn    Laurel Green met.    spot.67poncho

Unknown           1511           6cyl             P    (850 aqua)    ontario link
#125110      Belair 2dr sdn              Twilight Blue                        

unknown          1569            6cyl            R   (863 fawn)   ontario link
#131367      Belair 4dr                    Adobe Beige

unknown       1867  Z03        V8           D    (815 black)   Sask           no pic
#136813    Impala SS conv.    Satin Silver-TP 02 black top
CSL 14G  A31 A50 B70 D55 U63             spotted by 67poncho

Unknown         1111           6cyl             T   (860 fawn)     Alberta link
#137258     Biscayne 2dr sdn        Autumn Gold met.       spotted by sixtywagon

unknown          1569              6cyl          T    (863 fawn)  ontario link
#147189        Belair 4dr                    Autumn Gold met.              

unknown        1169           6cyl       A        (852 turquoise )    Alberta              link
#154345    Biscayne 4dr sdn      Tuxedo Black        BSO 6A   spot. Sixtywagon

unknown           1769         6cyl        T/R   (%892 gold.)   Saskatchewan     link
#154945     Impala 4dr    Autumn Gold met./Adobe Biege  16A   spot.67poncho

unknown            1169           6cyl        C    (876 red bench)    ontario link
#159738      Biscayne 4dr            Ermine White                            

unknown            1111            6cyl           R    (860 fawn)   Ontario          link
160302        Biscayne 2dr sdn       Adobe Biege                          Ebay

unknown           1569          6cyl        C     (872 red)    ontario              link
163064 new tag    Belair 4dr          Ermine White                            spot. 68sd

unknown          1511             6cyl         A  (839 Blue)    ontario
#164076    Belair 2dr sdn             Tuxedo Black

unknown         1837          V8           C    (874 red)    Saskatchewan           link
#165047   Impala 2dr hrdtp     Ermine White     6A       spotted by 67poncho

Oct.12th 1961      1637       283ci (now 409)      V     (872 red)   Arizona     link
Belair 2dr hrdtp           Roman Red
710 of 1637 produced           Barber MotorsLtd.- Weyburn Saskatchewan 

March 10th? 1962     1537         6cyl                               ,California      link
                 Belair 2dr hardtp
Ross Wemp Motors Ltd. Rexdale Ont.



710 of model 1837 poduced

2945? of model 1537 produced

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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown              1847  Z03           V8         A       (875 red)  Sask.     link
#103942       Impala SS 2dr hrdtp       Tuxedo Black   A50 D55 U63
spotted by 67poncho

unknown              1169            6cyl         D      (852 turquoise)  ontario link
#112706         Biscayne 4dr              Satin Silver                   

unknown     1111      6cyl    T     (876 red bench)   Sask.      link
#116031    Biscayne 2dr sdn          Autumn Gold met.
spotted by 67poncho

unknown               1569           6cyl         S       (863 fawn)   ontario link
#117483           Belair 4dr               Saddle Tan                     

unknown              1135            6cyl         P        (855 aqua)   ontario link
#120345          Biscayne wagon         Azure Aqua                 

Unknown               1169         6cyl         P      (852 turquoise)  Sask. link
#120794             Biscayne 4dr          Azure Aqua               Spotted by 67poncho

March 5th 1963    1767      230ci   A    (814 black bench)   Alberta    link
#143109    Impala conv.   M35   Tuxedo Black/tp-02 black top
Park Lane Motors Ltd.-Sarnia Ontario   

unknown         1269     V8      B      (860 fawn bench)   Sask.      link
#144422    Biscayne 4dr sdn     Monaco Blue met.      spot. 67poncho

unknown      1747     6cyl      A     (874 red bench)   Sask.      link
#147206    Impala 2dr hrdtp        Tuxedo Black  
B70 U63                 spotted by 67poncho

unknown               1847        V8           P     (853 turquoise)  Saskatchewan   link
Impala 2dr hrdtp     Azure Aqua
A31 U63                      spotted by 67poncho

unknown             1569           6cyl         R   (872 red)  Saskatchewan     link
Belair 4dr sdn   Adobe beige       U63     Spotted by 67poncho

unknown            1135             6cyl        C         (877 red)    ontario
#161527   Biscayne Wagon    Ermine White

unknown       1847  Z03       V8           L       (867 fawn)   Alberta     link
Impala SS 2dr hrdtp M35   Palomar Red

A50 B70 D55                        spotted by sixtywagon

unknown              1511          6cyl           F    (83?)    ontario link
#167551          Belair 2dr sdn          Silver Blue met.                   

June 4th 1963    1847     283ci    S   (858 med. saddle buckets) Alberta link
169550     Impal SS 2dr hrdtp   M35    Saddle Tan met.
A50 B70 D55 Z03    Edmonton Motors Ltd.-Edmonton Alberta

unknown                1569         6cyl          C   (872 red)  ontario link
#208353           Belair 4dr                Ermine White

July 15th 1963     1847 Z03    327ci    C    (812 black bucket) Sask.     link
   Impala SS 2dr hrdtp   M35   Ermine White
Jack Carter Ltd.-Calgary Alberta      spot. 67Poncho





567 of Model 1611 Belair 2dr sdn produced

6679 of model 1847 produced

654 produced of model 1767 impala convertible 6 cyl

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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

Unknown                1111       6 cyl.       P      (852 turquoise)    Sask. link
#100660      Biscayne 2dr sdn     Azure Aqua         B70       Spot. by 67poncho

unknown        1847       V8             A      (874 red)   Saskatchewan      link
#100750    Impala 2dr hrdtp      Tuxedo Black       spot.67poncho
B70 U63

Sept. 24th 1963      1169     6 cyl        P   (852 turquoise)  Saskatchewan    link
#104127     Biscayne 4dr sdn    Azure Turquoise     ,spotted by 67poncho

Sept 27th 1963    1847        V8          E        (826 green.)       Sask. link
#102966      Impala 2dr  Hrdtp   Bahama Green /Top -26  white vinyl top

Spotted by 67 poncho

Oct. 28th 1963   1447      283ci         T      (862 saddle)  Quebec     link
#112376   Impala SS 2dr hrdtp   M35   Almond Fawn met./TP-26 white vinyl
B70 C08 U63                                                          Locomotion

Nov. 8th 1963      1867       283ci         S      (859 saddle)   Ontario          link
#112961 Impala conv. M35      Saddle Tan met./TP-10 white top
B70 ,kijiji

Nov 22nd 1963      1769     6cyl          Q         (853 aqua)  Sask. link
#116602       Impala 4dr sdn           Lagoon Aqua              Spotted by 67Poncho

Nov. 28th 1963    1569          6cyl          D         (872 red)  Ontario           link
#122100       Belair 4dr sdn     Satin Silver met.   orig. Alberta  spotted by 73SC

Nov. 29th 1963    1535     6cyl    A   (837 blue )  Alberta    link
#12094      Belair wagon    3 spd std.   Tuxedo Black

Dec.2nd 1963         1769     6cyl        C  (874 red)    Sask link
#118727         Impala 4dr sdn           Ermine white                Spotted by 67poncho

Dec.4th 1963     1447         283ci      A  (879 red)  Ontario
#124251    Impala SS 2dr hrdtp      Tuxedo Black                                    Adrian

Dec. 12th 1963    1769     6cyl    F     (842 blue bench) Sask.     link
#123641    Impala 4dr sdn    Silver Blue met.
Spot. 67poncho

Dec.14th 1963      1847       283ci     P  (853 aqua)  Ontario link
#127148       Impala 2dr hdtp    Azure Aqua      B70 U63   Spot by 68sd

Dec. 18th 1963    1467    327ci L74   P    (845 white bucket) Alberta   link
#127981    Impala SS conv.     M35    Azure Turquoise/TP-10 white top
dec. 16th tag   A02 B70 C14 G80 J50 N40 P62 X09
Edmonton Motors ltd.-Edmonton Alberta

Dec. 17th 1964         1769   6cyl         R  (857 saddle.)    Sask. link
#125715             Impala 4dr sdn      Desert Beige           Spotted by 67poncho

Jan.7th 1964           1211      283ci    A    (876 red)    ontario
#134693         Biscayne 2dr sdn    Tuxedo black                         

Jan. 9th 1964         1867      283ci      P   (814 black)   ontario
Impala conv.      M35   Azure Aqua       G80      spot. 68sd
Ontario Motor Sales Ltd.-Oshawa Ontario

Jan. 10th 1964     1447       409ci L33      L      (879 red)  Ontario      link
Impala SS 2dr hrdtp    M20    Palomar Red
G80 J50 A02 B70      Golden Mile Motors-Toronto Ontario

Jan.13th 1964         1269      V8        A   (876 red)    Saskatachwan.
#131345        Biscayne 4dr sdn         Tuxedo black                Spotted by 67poncho

Jan. 16th 1964      1169       6cyl           A    (876 red)   Saskatchewan      link
#135984     Biscayne 4dr sdn     Tuxedo Black         U60     Spot. 67poncho

Jan. 22nd 1964     1169      6cyl      S      (860 fawn bench)  Sask.     link
#138344    Biscayne 4dr sdn     Saddle Tan met.      spot. 67poncho

Jan.23rd 1964       1645       283ci     V  (872 red)   Sask. link
#139577            Belair 4dr wagon   Ember Red     T-86   spotted by 67poncho

Feb.11th 1964       1169          6 cyl     C                   Sask.
142896               Biscayne 4dr sdn        Ermine white            Spotted by 67poncho

Feb.11th 1964          1669        V8         P  (850 aqua)   Sask. link
142981              Belair 4dr  sdn          Azure Aqua                  Spotted by 67poncho

Feb. 12th 1964     1569     6cyl    A    (863 fawn bench)  Sask.     link
#143779    Belair 4dr sdn    Tuxedo Black
spot. 67poncho  

Feb. 18th 1964     1867           V8         C       (886 fawn)   Saskatchewan    link
146619                 Impala conv.      Ermine White/Tp-10 white top

A31 B70 U63 spotted by 67poncho

Feb.19th 1964       1847       283ci     T   (866 fawn)    ontario
#146550        Impala 2dr hrdtp     Almond fawn met.                  

Feb.28th 1964      1447       V8           C       (879 red)  Sask. link
#148744   Impala SS 2dr Hrdtp   Ermine White           Spotted by 67 Poncho

March 1st 1964    1835 DOMR   V8      SP4813   (870 fawn )Australia    link
#148991    Impala wagon       Special order paint
B70 U63  Export right hand drive

April 7th 1964    1839           V8         P     (853 aqua.)    Labrador link
#162254       Impala 4dr hrdtp      M35    Azure Aqua     spot. 67poncho

April 8th 1964     1769         6cyl         C    (874 red.)   Sask
#160176          Impala 4dr sdn           Ermine white              spotted by 67poncho

April 18th  1964     1747    6cyl          L/R    (874 red)  Sask. link
#164213  Impala 2dr Hrdtp  Palomar Red/Desert Beige  Spotted by 67Poncho

April 24th 1964       1269     V8            P   (852 turquoise)   Sask. link
#165532        Biscayne 4dr sdn        Azure Aqua                  Spotted by 67poncho

May 19th 1964       1169     6 cyl         Q   (852 turquoise)  ontario link
#173510         Biscayne 4dr sdn       Lagoon Aqua

June 1st 1964         1847    V8          R   (857 saddle)   ontario link
#178473      Impala 2dr hrdtp     Desert Beige          B70        

June 12th 1964     1669     283ci       W    (839 blue bench) Sask.    link
#183687      Belair 4dr sdn      Diplomat Blue     
Grummett -Wynyard Saskatchewan    spotted by 67poncho

June 16th 1964    1447     V8     2F     (831 blue bucket) Sask.  link
#183435   Impala SS 2dr hrdtp   M20   Silver Blue met.
B70 U63                   spot. 67poncho

June 17th 1964     1747       6cyl          P    (853 aqua)   ontario link
#184486              Impala 2dr hrdtp     Azure Aqua                     spotted by 68sd

June 26th 1964       1569     V8         Q   (850 turquoise)   Sask. link
#181333               Belair 4dr sdn         Lagoon Aqua              Spotted by 67poncho

June 30th 1964     1839       V8         C     (874 red)   Saskatchewan       link
#182107    Impala 4dr hrdtp     Ermine White    B70   spotted by 67poncho

2339 of model 1867 Impala v8 convertible produced

1690 of model 1467 Impala SS conv. v8 produced in Canada

259 impala coupes and covertibles with L74/M35 combo


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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

Aug.27th 1964    15369       6cyl       C   (876 red bench)    Sask.
#100833         Biscayne 4dr sdn         Ermine White           spotted by 67poncho

Sept. 8th 1964    16439    V8     D     (842 blue bench) Sask.    link
#100661     Impala 4dr hrdtp     Mist Blue met.     spot. 67poncho

Sept.10th 1964    16637     V8                                  ,Alberta      link
                   Impala SS 2dr hrdtp   M35             ,spotted by sixtywagon

Oct. 1st 1964     16637      327ci      K     (845 ivory/aqua bucket)  B.C      link
#107753     Impala SS 2dr hrdtp   M35 Artesian Turquoise       ,kijiji

Nov.16th 1964       15669        V8        J/V   (823 green bench)    Sask.
#112070       Belair 4dr sdn    Cypress green/Cameo Beige   Spotted 67poncho

Nov.16th 1964       15669     V8         V    (863 fawn bench)    ontario
#112133              Belair 4dr sdn     Cameo Biege                             

Nov. 17th 1964    16435    V8    K     (847 turquoise bench) Ontario   link
#105003    Impala wagon     Artesian Turquoise    B70

Nov.25th 1964       15669      V8       D     (839 blue bench)   ontario
#114281             Belair 4dr sdn        Mist Blue                                  

Nov. 26th 1964    15669    V8     C     (823 green bench)  Sask.     link
#14503    Belair 4dr sdn     Ermine White          spot. 67poncho

Mid Dec. 1964     16667        V8          S      (862 saddle buckets)  Ontario    link
#116297     Impala SS conv.     M35     Sierra Tan/TOP-02 black              ,kijiji

Dec. 21st 1964     16667     283ci      P     (802 ivory buckets)  B.C     link
  Impala SS conv.     M35     Evening Orchid/top-10 white
A02 B70 C14 J50 N35 N40 P62
Fowlie Motor Sales Ltd.-Calgary Alberta

Dec. 21st 1964     16637        409ci      E     (831 blue buckets)  Alberta       link
#116596     Impala SS 2dr hrdtp    M20  Danube Blue   B70     spot. sixtywagon

Jan.7th 1965    16637     V8      Y     (802 ivory & black bucket)   Sask.    link
#120353    Impala SS 2dr hrdtp   M35     Crocus Yellow     B70      kijiji

Jan. 13th 1965    16437     V8     Y     (811 black bench)   Saskatchewan   link
#122108     Impala 2dr hrdtp   Crocus Yellow       B70    Spot. 67poncho

Jan. 14th 1965     16667      327ci L30    R     (802 ivory & black) Alberta   link
Impala SS conv.    M35      Regal Red/Top-10 white                kijiji
A02 B70 C14 J50 K05 N40 P78 U63     Victory Motors Ltd. Kelowna B.C

Jan. 15th 1965    16469   283ci     K     (853 aqua bench)  Alberta    link
#122627    Impala 4dr sdn    Artesian Turquoise
B70                                              kijiji

Jan. 16th 1965    16637    V8     C    (879 red buckets) B.C     link
#121090   Impala SS 2dr hrdtp   M35    Ermine White    B70      kijiji

Feb.3rd 1965          16469      V8        S    (857 saddle bench)     Sask. link
#124668             Impala 4dr sdn        Sierra Tan             Spotted by 67poncho

Feb.9th 1965          16469      V8         D    (842 blue bench)   ontario link
#130607            Impala 4dr sdn            Mist Blue             B70               

Feb 9th 1965      15369    6cyl       H/C     (852 Turquoise bench)  Sask. link
#132585  Biscayne 4dr sdn   Willow Green /Ermine White   Spot by 67Poncho

Feb.12th 1965       16667    V8          V   (856 fawn bucket)   Ontario link
#132680        Impala SS  conv.  Cameo Beige  /top 16  beige          

Feb. 13th 1965      16637       V8             P     (802  ivory buckets) Alberta  link
#130322   Impala SS 2dr hrdtp    M35  Evening Orchid B70   spot. sixtywagon
General Supplies Ltd.-Calgary Alberta

Feb.24th 1965          15635       V8           C      (872 red bench)  ontario
#138101            Belair wagon          Ermine white     A33 B70       

March 1st 1965      16637       V8         P     (815 black buckets)   Ontario    link
#121619         Impala SS 2dr hrdtp   M35   Evening Orchid    B70

Spotted by 70 SS Acadian

March 1st 1965           16637        V8         C         (879 red buckets)  B.C   link
#137637     Impala SS 2dr htdtp   M35   Ermine White   B70       kijiji

March 5th 1965      15569       230ci         S      (863 fawn bench)  Alberta       link
#141687      Belair 4dr sdn    3 speed std     Sierra Tan                   kijiji

March 22nd 1965      16667      327ci        D    (831 blue buckets)  Alberta   link
#146115          Impala SS conv.    M35   Mist Blue met./Top10-white   B70  kijiji

March 22nd 1965     15369       6cyl      K      (852 turquoise bench)   ontario link
#146442              Biscayne 4dr  sdn        Artesian Turquoise               

March 25th 1965    16637      V8         N      (862 saddle buckets)  Ontario   link
#146823      Impala SS 2dr hrdtp   M35  Madeira Maroon    B70      kijiji

March 26th 1965    16637    409ci L33   C   (862 saddle bucket) Sask.   link
#147899  Impala SS 2dr hrdtp   M20   Ermine White
march 25 tag      A02 B70 C14 J50 K05 K79 N40 P78 U63 U80
Regina Motor Products ltd.-Regina Saskatchewan     spot. 67poncho

March 26th 1965    15369     6 cyl     E  (852 turquoise bench) Sask.  67Poncho
#148825            Biscayne 4dr sdn       Danube Blue                          ,

March 31st 1965    16439      V8            E   (842 blue bench)   ontario
#150529        Impala 4dr hrdtp      Danube Blue                            

April 2nd 1965    16467     283ci         C     (814 black bench)    ontario     no pic
#150013           Impala conv.      Ermine White  Top-02 black   B70   spot. 68sd

April 1965     16437       327ci               N        (black bench)           ,Sask.        link
#151710        Impala 2dr hrdtp     M35   Madeira Maroon               ,kijiji

April 20th 1965    16467        V8           K     (847 turquoise bench)  Alberta link
#157674     Impala conv.        Artesian Turquoise/ TP-10-white top
B70                                                          spotted by sixtywagon

April 21st 1965      15369       6cyl     K  (852 turquoise bench)  ontario
#156187          Biscayne 4dr sdn       Artesian turquoise                      

April 22nd 1965   16437    327ci     C    (857 saddle bench)  Saskatchewan  link
#153114       Impala 2dr hrdtp    M35     Ermine White       ,B70              ,kijiji

April22nd 1965   15511         6cyl        C     (872 red bench)   Alberta        link
#158998         Belair 2dr sdn         Ermine White                              Sixtywagon

April 23rd 1965    16667         327ci       N    (815 black bucket)  Ontario     link
155067    Impala SS conv.   M35   Madeira Maroon  /Top-02 black   B70   Kijiji

April 26th 1965     16467      283ci      R    (886 red bench)  Ontario       link
#154363      Impala conv.     M35     Regal Red      /Top-2 black

April 28th 1965     16437     V8          R     (874 red bench)  New Bruns.   link
#160949      Impala 2dr hrdtp      Regal Red                                    ,kijiji

April 29th 1965     16337       6cyl       N    (874 red bench)     ontario      no pic
#161331          Impala 2dr hrdtp      Maderia Maroon                         Willie

May 5th 1965     16467     V8           R      (886 red bench)               no pic
#165463    Impala conv.        Regal Red                            kijiji

May 7th 1965       16637     283ci      K     (802 ivory buckets) Sask.   link
#165910    Impala SS 2dr hrdtp   M35   Artesian Turquoise
A02 B70 C14 F40 j50 N40 P62 U63 U80

March 10th 1965     16667     327ci      R     (815 black buckets) Alberta   link
#142240     Impala SS conv.    M35    Regal Red
B70                                  ,kijiji

May 12th 1965     16637      283ci           A    (879 red buckets)               link
#167864    Impala SS 2dr hrdtp   M35    Tuxedo Black                   Dano65

May 13th 1965    16439    V8       Y    (857 saddle bench) Sask.    link
#163675    Impala 4dr hrdtp     Crocus Yellow     spot. 67poncho

May 29th 1965     16667     283ci      D    (805 slate buckets)  Ontario       link
Impala SS conv.    M35   Mist Blue met.                Kijiji
A02 B70 C14 J50 N40 P62 U63 U80

June 11th 1965    16337     6cyl                                ,Ontario    link
#178878    Impala 2dr hrdtp      M35                          kijiji

June 15th 1965    15635      283ci     V     (872 red bench)  Ontario    link
       Belair wagon         M35     Cameo Beige     B70 A33       orig. B.C      kijiji

June 16th 1965     16667       327ci         A      (black buckets)     Ontario      link
#177987      Impala SS conv.      M35    Tuxedo Black /  TP-02 black   A31  B70
Central Chevrolet Ltd.-Toronto Ontario

July 13th 1965       16467    283ci          K     (847  turquoise bench)       link
#179717       Impala conv.    M35    Artesian Turquoise/top-10 white    Dano65

July 21st 1965   16667     V8       S     (815 black buckets ) Alberta   link
#183663     Impala SS conv.     M35    Sierra Tan/Top-16 beige
B70                           spotted sixtywagon

June 23rd 1965    16637     283ci     V    (856 fawn buckets) Ontario  link
#181923    Impala SS 2dr hrdtp   M35    Cameo Beige
B70                             kijiji

July 21st 1965    16637    V8     Y    (815 black buckets) Ontario  link
#189940    Impala SS 2dr hrdtp  M35  Crocus Yellow/TP-27 black vinyl top
B70 C08




2176 of model # 16667 Impala SS convertible produced



39 Hardtop/Convertible's built W/409 (340hp in 1965.)possibly with 4 speed combo

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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

unknown      16369       250ci        3M     (866 light fawn bench) Ontario      link
C07912  St.Therese   Impala 4dr sdn    Aztec Bronze met.                       kijiji

Unknown              16469      V8            3H   (826 green bench)    ontario link
St.Therese      Impala 4dr sdn                 Laurel Mist met.

Unknown             16439       V8         3F  ( 842 blue bench )  Sask. link
St.Therese     Impala 4dr hrdtp       Marina blue      Spotted by 67poncho

Sept. 15th 1965     16437  283ci     N   (885 ivory & black)  Quebec     link
#101802     Impala SS 2dr hrdtp  M35   Madeira Maroon
A31 A51 J50 N40 P01 P62
Aime Poirier Automobile Ltd.-Berthierville Quebec         ,Ebay
Finished Sept. 20th

Sept. 22nd 1965   16467   283ci     P    (814 black bench)   Alberta         link
#100676      Impala conv.    M35      Plum Mist met./Top-2 black    kijiji

Oct. 20th 1965     16467    V8        Y      (814   black bench)  Ontario      link
#108631     Impala conv.     Lemonwood Yellow/TP-02 black

Oct. 21st 1965     15369      6cyl         T    (860 fawn bench)   ontario link
#108771          Biscayne 4dr sdn         Sandalwood Tan                   

Oct. 26th 1965         16647     V8            J  (815 black bucket)   ontario
#110646        Caprice 2dr coupe  M35  Cypress green met.           

Oct.27th 1965    16469        V8        K   (853 aqua bench)  Sask. link
#108204       Impala 4dr sdn             Artesian Turquoise            spotted 67poncho

Oct. 28th 1965    16647    283ci     2D    (815 black bucket ) Ontario    link
#105400  Caprice 2dr hrdtp   M35    Mist Blue met./TP-27 black vinyl top
A31 A46 C08                     kijiji

Oct. 28th 1965      15369      6cyl         R     (876 red bench)    Ontario           link
#112820       Biscayne 4dr sdn     Regal Red      spotted by 427Carl

Nov. 2nd 1965      16435        V8      2D      (836 blue bench) Alberta     link
#108920       Impala wagon    M35   Mist Blue met.    A33          kijiji

Nov.2nd 1965          15511      6cyl           J    (863 fawn bench)   ontario
#113271             Belair 2dr sdn           Cypress Green met.              

Nov. 4th 1965    16469    V8       C     (811 black bench) Sask.    link
#113834    Impala 4dr sdn    Provincial White
spot. 67poncho

Nov. 4th 1965     15369      6cyl     F      (840 blue  bench) Alberta   link
#113866     Biscayne 4dr sdn      Marina Blue met.      

Nov. 11th 1965         15435     V8           K      (861 fawn bench)    ontario link
#116635                Biscayne wagon   Artesian Turquoise

Nov.12th 1965          15635      V8            E   (833 blue bench)   ontario

#114523              Belair wagon         Royal Mist met.         A33     

Nov. 16th 1965         16435    396ci L35    A  (870 fawn bench)   Alberta    link
Impala wagon   M20  Tuxedo Black
A01 A31 A33 A39 A75 F40 G67 G80 J65 N34 P84 U63
StedelBauer Chev Olds LTD.-Edmonton Alberta

Mid Nov. 1965 16639     327ci         E     (834 blue bench )   Nova Scotia       link
#120994 Caprice 4dr hrdtp      M35   Royal Mist met.
A53    kijiji

Nov. 23rd 1965    15369     250ci         L     (860 fawn bench)  Sask.     link
#117789      Biscayne 4dr sdn     Tropic Turquoise        Cheviac

Nov. 27th 1965   16647     327ci         A    (879  red bucket )    Manitoba       link
#121249     Caprice 2dr hrdtp     M35   Tuxedo Black    U80                    kijiji

Dec. 17th 1965    16647     V8          M   (868 lght fawn bench)   Sask.        link
Caprice 2dr hrdtp    M35   Aztec Bronze met./T-28
beige vinyl top
A53 C08               spot. 67poncho

Dec. 30th 1965    16437    283ci    M/T     (866 light fawn bench) Alberta link
#129761    Impala 2dr hrdtp   M35    Aztec Bronze/Sandalwood Tan
D99              kijiji

Jan.5th 1966           15569       6cyl          L  (850 turquoise bench)  Sask. link
#130118             Belair 4dr  sdn          Tropic turquoise        Spotted by 67poncho

Jan.7th 1966       16639        327ci    M   (817 black bench )   Sask.    67Poncho
#129770        Caprice 4dr hrdtp       Aztec Bronze              ,
Owen Sweizer Ltd. Eston, Saskatchewan

Jan. 10th 1966  16469   283ci    W    (874 red bench) Ontario    link
          Impala 4dr sdn     M35   Chateau Slate met.         kijiji

Jan. 10th 1966      16467      283ci           C   (871 red)    Manitoba      link
#132109  Impala conv.   M35  Provincial White  /Tp-02 black top   U80   kijiji

Jan. 19th 1966     16647       283ci          H   (815 black bucket)  B.C           link
#134132           Caprice 2dr hrdtp   M35   Laurel Mist/TP-27 black vinyl top
C08                                               ,kijiji

Jan. 27th 1966   16437   V8     N    (866 light fawn bench) Alberta    link
#137022    Impala 2dr hrdtp     Madeira Maroon        kijiji

Feb. 2nd 1966  16467 A51  427ci L36   K  (846 turquoise bench) Alberta    link
Impala SS conv.      M40       Artesian Turquoise/Top-10 white
A02 A31 A39 A46 A81 G80 J50 K05 K66 N33 N34 N40 P01 P78 U63 U75
Edmonton Motors Ltd.-Edmonton Alberta

Feb. 3rd 1966    16469    V8    2D     (842 blue bench) Alberta     link
140294    Impala 4dr sdn     Mist Blue met.                       kijiji

Feb. 3rd 1966      16437      283ci           Y      (811 black bench) B.C     link
Impala 2dr hrdtp     M35     Lemonwood Yellow      
A02 A39 G80 J50 N40 P01 P62 U63

Feb. 8th 1966    16439      283ci    K    (853 aqua bench)   ontario     link
#139063    Impala 4dr hrdtp   M35     Artesian Turquoise
U80    originally B.C

Feb. 11th 1966    15569      6cyl       N       (872  red bench) Saskatchewan link
#143864     Belair 4dr sdn    Madeira Maroon       ,spotted by 67poncho

Feb. 15th 1966   16437 A51  327ci  L    (885 parchment bucket) ontario      link
#141563      Impala Super Sport 2dr hrdtp  Tropic Turquoise           Willie

Feb. 18th 1966     16647     427ci L36     N    (815 black bucket)   Ontario     link
Caprice 2dr hrdtp    M40    Madeira Maroon/TP-27 black vinyl top
A02 A39 C08 J50 N33 N40 P78
Belisle Automobiles Ltd.-Ottawa Ontario

Feb. 18th 1966    16437    V8      Y       (811 black bench) Ontario      link
#140XXX   Impala 2dr hrdtp   M35  Lemonwood Yellow/TP-27 black  top
C08     originally Alberta     spot. 68sd

Feb.22nd 1966         15369      6cyl.     F     (840 blue bench)     Sask Link
#143158       Biscayne 4dr sdn           Marina Blue       Spot. 67Poncho

Feb. 28th 1966    16469       V8        Y     (811 black bench)    Sask.  link
#147128        Impala 4dr sdn   M40   Lemonwood Yellow   U80   spot.67poncho

March 4th 1966   16437 A51    V8    P   (885 ivory & black bucket) Sask.     link
#147112  Impala SS 2dr hrdtp   M35   Plum Mist met./TP-28 Beige vinyl top
C08 U80     spotted by 67poncho

March 8th 1966    15369    6cyl          L     (860 fawn bench)  Sask.        link
#145257      Biscayne 4dr sdn      Tropic Turquoise         Harko

March 10th 1966    15369     6cyl       A      (860 fawn bench)    ontario

#145499          Biscayne 4dr sdn       Tuxedo black   B02 Taxi          

March 10th 1966     16467      283ci      V    (859 fawn bench)   Ontario       link
#147582      Impala conv.
    Cameo Beige/TOP-16 Beige top      ,kijiji
orig. Ottawa

March 18th  1966     16647   396ci?      C    (834 blue )    B.C              link
#149260    Caprice 2dr hrdtp    M40?    Provincial White            ,kijiji

March 25th 1966    16437     283ci     L      (853 aqua bench)   Manitoba   link
#152152     Impala 2dr hrdtp    M35   Tropic Turquoise         ,kijiji

March 25th 1966    15669    283ci      A  (872 red bench)   ontario
#154749          Belair 4dr sdn           Tuxedo black                         

March 29th 1966    15569      6cyl     K   (850 turquoise bench) ontario       
#152032             Belair 4dr sdn       Artesian turquoise                   

March 29th 1966   16647      V8  M40     M     (891 bronze)   Sask. link
#153746 Caprice 2dr hrdtp  Aztec Bronze/TP-28  beige top ,spot. 67poncho

March 31st 1966   16337    6cyl    L     (853 aqua bench) Ontario    link
#153436    Impala 2dr hrdtp    Tropic Turquoise  

April 6th 1966       15369        6cyl    L  (860 fawn bench)   Sask. link
#154940            Biscayne 4dr sdn      Tropic turquoise        Spotted by  67poncho

April 19th 1966    16439     283ci       L     (853 aqua bench)  Alberta   link
#158700   Impala 4dr hrdtp   M35    Tropic Turquoise           kijiji

April 21st 1966      15369        6cyl     D   (840 blue bench)         ontario     
#156462             Biscayne 4dr sdn       Mist Blue                          

April 22nd 1966   16467 A51     V8      M     (813 black bucket)   Alberta      link
#164873     Impala SS conv.     M35  Aztec Bronze/TP-02 black top
A31 A46 U80                          Spotted by Sixtywagon

April 26th 1966     15369        6cyl       A   (840 blue bench)           Sask. link
#157516           Biscayne 4dr sdn       Tuxedo Black              Spotted by 67poncho

April 26th 1966       15569       6cyl       M     (863 fawn bench)    Labrador link
#161944        Belair 4dr sdn          Aztec Bronze        D99             spot.67poncho

May 5th 1966        15669      283ci      K  (850 turquoise bench) ontario
#162775           Belair 4dr sdn   M35     Artesian turquoise                    

May 13th 1966    15469       V8          V   (860 fawn bench)     ontario link
#165628          Biscayne 4dr sdn       Cameo Beige                 D99         

May 17th 1966    15369      6cyl          K    (860 fawn bench)  Sask. link
#166366         Biscayne 4dr  sdn      Artesian Turquoise         spotted by 67poncho

May25th 1966     16437       V8          L   (853 aqua bench)  ontario link
#164406   Impala 2dr hrdtp   M35     Tropic Turquoise     top 27-black    

May 26th 1966   15369     6cyl     V    (860 fawn bench)   Manitoba     link
#168490   Biscayne 4dr sdn    Cameo Beige     ,spot 67poncho

May 31st 1966     16437          283ci       2D    (842 blue bench)     B.C       link
#170289 Impala 2dr hrdtp     Mist Blue               U80       Kijiji

June 1st 1966     16467        V8            R        (871 red bench)  Sask.     link
#169980          Impala conv.           Regal Red          spottted by sixtywagon

June 1st 1966    16437    V8      R     (811 black bench) Manitoba   link
#170825     Impala 2dr hrdtp    Regal Red          kijiji

June 1st 1966    16437 A51   V8     Y     (813 black bucket)   Ontario    link
#171052    Impala SS 2dr hrdtp    M40     Lemonwood Yellow    D99    kijiji

June 9th 1966   15469          V8          W    (876 red bench)  Saskatchewan link
#175223       Biscayne 4dr  sdn         Chateau Slate met.     Spotted by 67poncho

June 10th 1966     15635         V8       2D   (833 blue bench)      Sask.            link
#173295       Belair Wagon                Mist Blue met.       Spot. 67Poncho

June 14th 1966     16437     V8      Y     (811 black bench) Sask.     link
#175119      Impala 2dr hrdtp     Lemonwood Yellow          kijiji

June 24th 1966    16467 A51    327ci   R    (873 red bucket) Alberta   link
#174807   Impala SS conv.   M35   Regal Red/TP-10 white top
U80                                          kijiji

June 27th 1966     15669     283ci          R      (872red bench)  Ontario      link
#172737 Belair 4dr sdn      M35       Regal Red ,kijiji
Mid Town Sevice Ltd.-Morden Manitoba

4448 of model 16647 produced (37 with L36 ,435 with M40)

735 of model 16435 (impala wagon) produced

2874 of model 16467 produced (27 impala and parisienne convertibles with L36/m40)

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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

Early Sept.     16647    283ci    S     (886 gold strato bench)    no pic
1966         Caprice 2dr hrdtp     M35    Sierra Fawn met.
#os102285              Build sheet found by 2Quik2C

Sept. 20th 1966     16867    283ci     Y   (813 black buckets) Ontario  link
#os104379     Impala SS conv.     M35     Butternut Yellow/black top
U80      tag read T-27 black top should be T-02                      kijiji

Sept. 28th 1966        16867     283ci       C     (813 black)  Quebec          link
#os102744    Impala SS conv.    M35  Provincial White      A31

October 1?  1966      16887      327ci   F    (844 bright blue )   Sask.
#os104286       Impala SS 2dr hrdtp  M35  Marina Blue /T-27 black top  C08
spotted by 67poncho

October 13th 1966    16635   V8       Y     (889 gold bench)  Manitoba link
#os108697            Caprice wagon   Butternut Yellow            ,2Quik2c

Oct. 19th 1966    16467    V8       C     (871 red bench) Ontario    link
os110298    Impala conv.         Provincial White-Tp-02  black top
A31                                kijiji

Oct. 24th 1966    16867     327ci       D      (895 parchment )  Alberta    link
#os112819 Impala SS conv. M35  Nantucket Blue/TP-10 white top  U80 A31 U75

Nov. 4th 1966   16439 EXP RHD     327ci    D   (843 blue)  UK    no pic
Impala 4dr hrdtp    M35    Nantucket Blue

A02 F40 J50 N40 P01 P79 W89 X14      Dealer 97982       spotted by Oracle

Nov. 4th 1966   16887     V8      A     (895 parchment bucket) Sask.  link
#os110928     Impala SS 2dr hrdtp     M40    Tuxedo Black
C60 D99                spotted by 67Poncho

Nov. 4th 1966     16487      396ci      Y      (811 black bench) Sask.    link
#os114929     Impala 2dr hrdtp    M40    Butternut Yellow       kijiji

Nov.17th 1966   16635  396ci    SPO597   (889 gold bench )  Sask.  67Poncho
#os120377   Caprice wagon  M40     Special Order paint              ,

Nov. 23rd 1966     16487    283ci          C           (874 red)   Alberta link
#os119143 Impala 2dr hrdtp    M35   Provincial White      A42 kijiji

Dec.2nd 1966       16487      V8              J  (811 black) ontario
#os122646   Impala 2dr hrdtp      Verde green

Dec. 15th 1966   16887   V8     V    (895 parchment bucket) Sask.     link
#os125554 Impala SS 2dr hrdtp   M35  Antique Pewter /TP-27 black vinyl
C08   spotted by 67poncho

Dec.21st 1966     16487         V8          D        (842 blue)   Saskatchewan     link
#os129659     Impala 2dr hrdtp    M35     Nantucket Blue     A39          kijiji

Jan. 4th 1967     15411     396ci L35     FC145C   (840 blue)   ontario      no pic
#os126024   Biscayne 2dr sdn    M40   Special order Paint  RCMP car  Ghost Post

Jan .17th 1967     16867     427ci L36   R    (895 parchment)   Alberta    link
Impala SS conv.    M20    Bolero Red/TP-10 white top
A02 A31 A46 D33 F40 J50 K05 N33 N40 P77 T58 T60 T78 U15 U69 U80 V31
V32 Caminokid
Courtesy Motor Sales Ltd.-Winkler Manitoba

Jan.20th 1967      16487       V8            P   (874 red)    ontario
os130642    Impala 2dr hrdtp  Silverglaze met
.       U75

Jan. 24th 1967    16887    V8      G    (890 gold buckets) Ontario    link
#os134084   Impala SS 2dr hrdtp   M40    Granada Gold       kijiji

Jan. 25th 1967    15369       6cyl         G   (801 int. )    labrador link
#os136044       Biscayne 4dr sdn     Granada Gold                 spot 67poncho

Feb. 6th 1967    16487     327ci    N    (874 red bench) Ontario   link
#os129816    Impala 2dr hrdtp    M40    Madeira maroon/T-29 fawn vinyl top
C08                      kijiji

Feb.6th 1967     16469      283ci        N   (874 red)   Saskatchewan link
#os135220     Impala 4dr sdn  M35     Madeira Maroon     spotted by 67poncho

Feb. 9th 1967    15335       6cyl          A   (832 blue)   Labrador             link
os136795       Biscayne wagon       Tuxedo Black           spot.67poncho

Feb. 10th 1967   16435    327ci            A    (871 red)    Saskatchewan       link
#os132669     Impala Wagon     M40   Tuxedo Black   A33 A42      Cheviac

Feb.16th 1967   16647     427ci L36     P       (815 black)    Ontario     link
Caprice 2dr hrdtp    M40     Silverglaze met.
A02 A31 A51 C50 C60 J50 N40 P77 U63 U75 U80      .70 SS Acadian
Leavens Motors Ltd.-Toronto Ontario

Feb. 21st 1967    15569    6cyl    K    (850 aqua)  Sask.    link
#140052   Belair 4dr sdn     Emerald Turquoise
spotted by 67poncho  Clements-Russell Manitoba 

Feb. 22nd 1967  16469 EXLD  V8   S  (888 med. gold bench)  Portugal   link
#os139548     Impala 4dr sdn      Sierra Fawn
A31 C60    Export left hand drive GM Portugal

late Feb. 1967   16467  327ci     ?     (845 blue bench) Ont. link
#os140964    Impala conv.   M35                         kijiji

March 6th 1967    16487    V8       ?    (845 bright blue bench) Manitoba link
#os144473     Impala 2dr hrdtp   M35      Blue                     kijiji

March 7th 1967    15669     V8              K   (850 aqua)    ontario link
#os142351      Belair 4dr sdn               Emerald Turquoise             %       

March 7th 1967     16647     327ci       P    (815 black)  Ontario        link
#os142827      Caprice 2dr hrdtp    M35   Silverglaze met./Top-27 black vinyl

A51 C08                                                                                          kijiji

March 7th 1967    16647   396ci L35     T   (815 black)  Alberta      link
#os143923     Caprice 2dr hrdtp   M20   Capri Cream/TP-27 black vinyl top
A31 C08 U80                    spotted by sixtywagon

March 8th 1967   15669    V8             K/C  (850 aqua)  Saskatchewan
#os143264  Belair 4dr sdn Emerald Turquoise /Prov. white 67poncho

March 20th 1967   16867   327ci     M   (895 parchment)   Ontario link
#os146591  Impala SS conv.   M35  Plum Mist/tp-10  white    &&&&   spot.68sd

March 20th 1967    16647    327ci    F    (837 blue buckets) Alberta   link
#os148307   Caprice 2dr hrdtp   M35  Marina Blue met./TP-27 black vinyl top
A31 A51 C08                   kijiji

March 22nd 1967    16887     427ci L36       G     (813 black)  New Jersey  link
Impala SS 2dr hrdtp    M40     Granada Gold    /TP-27 black vinyl top
C08 C50 D33 F41 G80 J50 J65 K05 N40 P02 U14 U63 U80 ZE2
Dealer 84272  Inman Motors Ltd.-Winnipeg  Manitoba

April 5th 1967      15411    427ci L36      M     (812 black)   New York       link
    Biscayne 2dr sdn   M20    Plum Mist met.
A68 F41 G80 H05 J65 P75 U63
Shipped U.S deader ,Built Ste.Therese Quebec

April 7th 1967      15669     V8            K     (850 aqua)    ontario link
#os151311     Belair 4dr sdn            Emerald Turquiose

April 12th 1967     16867     283ci        C       (black buckets  )    Manitoba    link
#os152786      Impala SS conv.   M35     Provincial White
/TP-02 black

April 14th 1967     15611     427ci  L36      J   (819 black)   ontario       link
Belair 2dr sdn  M20      Verde Green met. 
A01 F41 G80K02 P75
Ross Wemp Motors Ltd. -Rexdale Ont.

April 21st 1967     15369         6cyl            D      (840 blue)   Ontario      link
#os156462       Biscayne 4dr sdn      Nantucket Blue        

April 28th ? 1967    16647     396ci        R      (815 black buckets) Alberta   link
#os157243         Caprice 2dr hrdtp   
M40   Bolero Red/TP-27 black vinyl top


May 1st 1967       16487     283ci        F      (842 blue)   ontario
#os158401      Impala 2dr hrdtp  M35    Marina Blue                  spotted by 68sd
A02 A39 F40 J50 K05 P01 P79 U63 U80   Regina Motor Prod. Ltd.-Regina Sask.

Z43 Bonanza Sale

May 2nd 1967   15469    283ci    K    (812 black bench) Ontario    link
#os159435   Biscayne 4dr sdn      Emerald Turquoise     kijiji 

May 10th 1967      16647      V8         N    (862 int.)     B.C        link
#os164016  Caprice 2dr hrdtp    M35  Madeira Maroon/Top-29 light fawn vinyl
A53 C08

May 11th 1967     16387     250ci    K    (853 turquoise)    NFD
os161300    Impala 2dr hrdtp   Emerald Turquiose   D99  U75  Spot 67 poncho

May 17th 1967    15335     6cyl      D    (832 blue)  Labrador             link
#163078       Biscayne wagon      Nantucket Blue     spot.67poncho

May 17th 1967    15411     283ci          A       (840 blue)   Labrador             link
#os164677  Biscayne 2dr sdn   M35  Tuxedo Black   RCMP car   spot. 67poncho

May 19th 1967    15435     V8            D    (832 blue)   Sask.            link
#os164113     Biscayne wagon    M35   Nantucket Blue    spot.67poncho

M.S Macpherson Motors Ltd.-North Bay Ontario

May 19th 1967    16647    396ci       R     (815 black buckets)   Manitoba   link
#os165892   Caprice 2dr hrdtp    M40   Bolero Red/TP-27 black vinyl top
A31 A46 A51 C08 C60  U57              spot. 67poncho

3rd week March     15635     V8     L   (854 turquoise)   Maine  no pic
1967         Belair 2 seat wagon     Tahoe Turquoise   
ST 522023   C60                              spotted by tar6569

3rd week May 1967    16639    327ci L30    M    (817 black)  Maine     link
ST 536521     Caprice 4dr hrdtp    M35    Plum Mist met./TP-27 black vinyl top
A02 A39 C08 C60 C75 F40 J50 K30 N40 T35 U46 U63 U80 V31 V32
Ste.Therese Export     spotted by Tar6569

May 30th 1967    16887     396ci      Y           (813 black)    ontario link
os162921        Impala SS 2dr hrdtp  M40     Butternut Yellow  Tp-27 black top
A31  spot. 68sd

June 5th 1967     15611    283ci         R      (819 black bench)  Ontario    link
#os165153     Belair 2dr sdn       Bolero Red                              ,kijiji

Unknown no date   15611     V8            C    (839 blue)  ontario

#os166556          Belair  2dr sdn   Provincial white                           

June 15th 1967  16887   427ci L36    F (844 bright blue buckets) Manitoba link
#os173344     Impala SS 2dr hrtp    M20    Marina Blue met.
A01 A39 F41 G80 J65 K05 P75 U14 U63 X24                             ,Kijiji
finished June 19th
Dennison Motors Ltd.-Dauphin Manitoba

June 21st 1967     16467       V8       T   (889 gold bench)  Ontario
#os177240       Impala Conv.             Capri Cream  /   top 02 Black   

June 22nd 1967    16487   327ci    Y     (811 black bench) Sask.     link
#os175582    Impala 2dr hrdtp     Butternut Yellow         kijiji

June 26th 1967    16647     396ci     J    (886 gold)    Sask.   link
#os178825     Caprice 2dr hrdtp  M40   Verde Green   A53            Cheviac

4th week June    16467      283ci     R     (871 red)    Maine       link
1967        Impala conv.      M35     Bolero red       top-10 white top
ST 551027  Ste.Therese export  161363        spot. tar6569

July 11th 1967   15411       427ci   L36     T     (812 black bench)              no pic
Biscayne 2dr sdn      M40   Capri Cream    F41 G80 P76 U63

Sold Biggar Saskatchewan

2nd week July      16639     V8      F      (817 black)   Maine        link
1967           Caprice 4dr hrdtp     Marina Blue   
ST 556153  Ste. Therese export                                      spotted by tar6569



1,666 built,16467 V8 1967 Impala convert


922 of model 16867 produced

2045 of 15411 produced   Biscayne 2dr sedan

1060 of model 15611 produced- Belair 2dr sedan  (25 L36/M20 2dr post cars made in Oshawa including Belair/Biscayne/Strato Chief/Laurentian

43 produced of model # 16867 and 76867 Impala  SS /2+2 convertible with 427ci L36

41 impala hardtops and convertibles with L36/M40

31 Caprice 16647 produced with L36 427ci

3570 of model 16887 produced (39 SS coupes and convertibles with L36/M20)

259 of model 15411 produced for export

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Canadian Poncho Superstar!

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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pic

Aug. 30th 1967   16487    327ci     K    (842 turquoise blue bench) Sask.  link
#os101547   Impala 2dr hrdtp   M40   Tripoli turquoise/TP-27 black vinyl top
C08                     spotted by 67Poncho

Aug.31st 1967      16447    V8      Q       (858 parchment)     ontario link
#os103350  Impala Custom 2dr coupe  M40   Verdoro Green/top -21 parch.

Sept. 15th 1967    16447    327ci    K    (842 turquoise blue bench) B.C  link
#os103848    Impala Custom 2dr coupe    M35    Tripoli Turquoise      kijjii

Sept. 20th 1967      16467    307ci      Y      (806 black bench) Ontario  link
#os106209     Impala conv.       M40      Butternut Yellow/TP-02 black top
U80                                                  kijiji

3rd week Sept.     16487    327ci     G    (836 gold bucket) Quebec   link
1967      Impala SS 2dr hrdtp   M40    Ash Gold met./vinyl top
ST 501612    025123    C08 U80 Z03                          kijji

Sept.25th 1967     16467 Z03    307ci      G    (836 gold)   Sask.          link
Impala SS conv.   M35     Ash Gold Met./Top-10 -white
#os101270     A02 A39 J50 K05 N40 P77 U63 U75 X0R            
Western Motors Ltd.-Brandon Manitoba 901 of 16467 produced
Sept.21st tag

Sept.28th 1967    16447     V8           R   (805 black)    ontario
#os105844  Impala Custom 2dr coupe  M35  Matador Red/tp 27 black top      

2nd week Nov.     16645    396ci     K    (845 turquoise)  Manitoba     link
1967         Caprice Estate wagon 3 seat   M40    Tripoli Turquoise
ST 509630   Ste.Therese   064210                A31        spot 67poncho

Nov. 16th 1967    16487   396ci    S  (859 parchment & black)Alberta
#os109301   Impala SS 2dr hrdtp  M20   Jade Gold met./TP-21 parchment top
C08 Z03      kijiji                                           link

Nov. 21st 1967      16487     V8     Q     (853 green)   Saskatchewan link
#os111489    Impala 2dr hrdtp   M35  Verdoro Green  C60  spot.67poncho

Nov. 22nd 1967   16487    396ci L35   S    (836 gold buckets)  Alberta  link

      Impala SS 2dr hrdtp    M40   Jade Gold met.
A02 A39 B37 F40 J50 K05 N10 N33 N40 N96 P79 U35 U63 Z03
Cross Town Motors Ltd.-Roblin Manitoba

Dec. 1st 1967   16647   396ci L35  Q    (835 gold bench)  Saskatchewan    link
#os122097      Caprice 2dr coupe    M40   Verdoro Green   
A01 A31 A53 B37 C50 J50 K05 N10 N33 N40 N95 P79 T58 T83 U63 U75 U80
V31 V32        ,
spotted by 67poncho
finished Dec. 5th
Regina Motor Products Ltd.-Regina Saskatchewan

Dec. 1967     16447           427ci       A    (parchment)  Ontario
St.Therese    Impala SS 427 2dr coupe   M20     Tuxedo Black   D99  Z03 Z24
spotted by Hiller, 73SC,65Camino

Dec. 7th 1967   16467 Z03    V8    T   (859 parchment & black) Ontario      link
#os123789    Impala SS conv.   M40    Palomino Ivory  /TP-2 black top 
A31 C50                                                                 spotted by Sixtywagon

Dec. 15th 1967      16487    427ci   L36     A    (gold buckets)   B.C      link
Impala SS427 2dr hrdtp   M20    Tuxedo Black
ST526744   St. Therese     12B tag           car pictured in primer        DaveJ
A01 A31 A39 A46 A81 C50 D33 G80 J50 K05 N33 N40 PU1 T60 T78 U14 U15
U63 U80 V31 V32 Z03 Z24

Dec.19th 1967     16487     V8            N   (805 black)    ontario link
#os124084  Impala 2dr hrdtp  M35    Cordovan Maroon           

3rd week Dec        16645    307ci       Q  (839 saddle) Sask. link
1967             Caprice wagon      M35    Verdoro Green               67poncho
ST 525127 St Therese

Dec. 22nd 1967     16447    307ci                              (green int)    Ontario     link
   Impala SS 2dr coupe    M35                                               ,kijiji
Z03 A31 N40 A02

Dec. 29th 1967    16647     327ci    G  (840 gold)  Alberta     link
#os129276    Caprice 2dr coupe    M40    Ash Gold met/TP-27 black vinyl top
A51 C08                                kijiji

Jan. 4th 1968     16469   307ci    M/T  (833  gold bench) Nova Scotia   link
#os128738     Impala 4dr sdn    M40   Burnished Saddle met/Palomino Ivory 
D99                                       ,kijiji

Jan.10th 1968     15369     6 cyl         S     (831 gold)  ontario

#os131046          Biscayne 4dr sdn        Jade gold met.

2nd week Jan.      16447    V8          K    (842 turquoise blue)   ontario
1968               Impala Custom 2dr coupe  M35  Tripoli turquoise             
ST 527976  St.Therese

Jan. 19th 1968  16487  Z24  427ci  L36   L  (858 parchment bench) Ohio   link
Impala SS427 2dr hrdtp   M21    Teal Blue met.       Ebay
AS1 A02 B93 F41 G80 H05 J50 J52 PU1 T78 U13 U26 U28 U29 U63

St. Therese                Dealer  43379  US Import

Jan. 22nd 1968      16647      327ci L30      D    (824 blue buckets)  B.C       link
Caprice 2dr coupe     M40     Grotto Blue met. kijiji
A02 A39 A51 A85 J50 K05 N10 N40 P12 P79 T83 U63 U75
Stedelbauer Chev Olds Ltd.-Edmonton Alberta   ,built Oshawa Ont.

Jan. 22nd 1968    16447       V8      H/A     (858 parchment bench)  Sask. link
#os135228  Impala Custom2dr coupe M40  Grecian Green/Tuxedo Black D99

2nd week Feb. 
16467 Z24    427ci      M      (858 parchment)          link
SS427 conv.    M40     Burnished Saddle met./TP-10 -white top
ST539170   St.Therese 124358 J50 U63
finished April 2nd Arthur Siroise  Ltd.- Riviere Du Loup Quebec

3rd week March  16447   427ci   R  (859 parchment & black bucket) B.C   link
1968             Impala SS427 2dr coupe    M40    Matador Red
ST541517  St.Therese
126111      Z24 Z03 C50 C56 U80 U73

orig. Saskatchewan

March 29th 1968    16487    V8    M    (839 saddle) Manitoba    no pic
#os13312?    Impala 2dr hrdtp     M40    Burnished Saddle met.
spotted by Carl & Todd    ,Winnipeg wreckers

1st week April     15611        V8         Y   (803 black)   ontario
1968               Belair 2dr sdn  M35     Butternut yellow                 

April 3rd 1968    16467   327ci     F    (864 teal blue bench)    Sask.    link
#os137416   Impala conv.   M40   Island Teal met/TP-10 white top     kijiji

April 4th 1968    15469   396ci L35   FC145C   (816 blue bench)  Sask.   link 
#os137411    Biscayne 4dr sdn   M40   Fleet Code paint
9808AH    99233A      RCMP car Shellbrook Sask.                      67Poncho
Peters Motor Company Ltd.-Prince Albert Saskastchewan

April 8th 1968      16487     396ci      Q      (833 gold)    ontario link
#os137498        Impala 2dr hrdtp     M40    Verdoro Green    spot. 68sd

2nd week April      15669      V8          E     (818 blue)     Labrador link
1968              Belair 4dr  sdn      M35     Fathom Blue met.      spot. 67Poncho
ST 542009          St. Therese                                           C50 U80

2nd week April     16487     V8         E    (853 green)    Ontario
1968               Impala 2dr hrdtp   M40  Fathom Blue met.              
ST 547805        St.Therese

April 17th 1968     16447     V8         M    (806 black)   ontario
#os140308 Impala Custom 2dr coupe  M40 Burnished Saddle/TP27 black top

April 17th 1968     15469      V8           F  (816 blue bench)     Sask. link
#os140787        Biscayne 4dr sdn       Island Teal met.          Spotted by 67poncho

3rd week April   16447  427ci    T  (859 parchment & black)  New Bruns.   link
1968  Impala SS427 2dr coupe   M20   Palomino Ivory/TP-27 black vinyl top
ST513219   St.Therese    C08 C30 C50 U73 Z03 Z24      spot. 427Carl


3rd week April     16445      327ci    M     (839 saddle)  Alberta     link
1968    Impala 3 seat wagon   &&&M40   Cordovan Maroon.   Nailhead
ST 548445  St.Therese   139375         Jack Carter Ltd. -Calgary Alberta
A02 A39 B80 D33 G80 J50 N40 U63 P01

April 23rd 1968      16447       V8     D         (820 blue)    Alberta              link
142318    Impala Custom 2dr coupe   M35 Grotto Blue met.    D99
spotted by sixtywagon

April 26th 1968     15411   427ci L36      A      (816 blue bench)     B.C       no pic
ST 550248     Biscayne 2dr sdn    M20     Tuxedo Black
4D    St.Therese    G80 P01 P12 P77 U14 U63    145258     67BLKACADIAN
Orr Automobiles Ltd.-Kitchener Ontario

May 2nd 1968     15669     327ci      M      (832 gold)   Sask.     link

#os143357     Belair 4dr sdn     M40   Burnished Saddle met.  ,spot 67poncho

May 3rd 1968        15469        V8        P    (802 black)    ontario
#os143609           Biscayne 4dr sdn   M35   Seafrost Green                     

1st week May     15611       V8          E   (818 blue)   ontario
1968                 Belair 2dr sdn   M35    Fathom blue                       
ST 5544898    St. Therese

May 1968     15511    6cyl    F     (818 blue bench) Ontario    link
ST 557484     Belair 2dr sdn     Island Teal met.
St.Therese    163196

May 10th 1968     16447     327ci       M    (833  gold bench)    Sask. link 
#os139551  Impala 2dr coupe M40 Burnished Saddle met./TP-21 parch vinyl
  C08                                                  kijiji

May 13th 1968    16487    V8    D     (820 blue bench) Sask.     link
#os145311   Impala 2dr hrdtp     Grotto Blue met.       kijiji

May 27th 1968    15669      307ci       M   (832 gold)    ontario
#os146434          Belair 4dr sdn  M35     Burnished saddle met.         

May 28th 1968   15669   307ci    K (843 turquoise bench)Ont. link
#os146603    Belair 4dr sdn    M35   Tripoli Turquoise      kijiji

2nd week June    16439      V8         H      (853 green)   Manitoba link
1968          Impala 4dr hrdtp    M40     Grecian Green   C08 black top
ST 571150   St.Therese     C50 C56 U80                 spot. 62Beaumont

June 21st    15411     427ci L36      L    (816 blue bench) Pennsylvania      link 
1968           Biscayne 2dr sdn      M20    Teal Blue met.  
F40 G80 K05 P75 U63 W84       Holiday Chev Olds Ltd.Winnipeg Manitoba
ST575003   6C    187392 ,   Ste. Therese

3rd week June     16487     307ci        C     (820 blue)  Ontario          link
1968             Impala 2dr hrdtp    M40    Ermine White                        ,kijiji
ST 570336
St.Therese   Websters -Windsor Ontario

1st week July    16467        327ci       R       (866 red)   Alberta      link
1968     Impala conv.     M40      Matador Red
ST 577984 St.Therese  198108?      U80 U73


 1234 produced of model 15411

25 427 Biscaynes ?

7222 of model 16487 produced?
4875 of 16487 produced  (15 of 16400 models with L36 ,Z24 and M21)?

1442 produced of model 16647  (531 with L30 ,662 T83) (186 with  L35,1058 with M40)

5148 of model 16447 produced (1054 Z03 SS )

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Canadian Poncho Superstar!

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Production date    Model     Engine     Color     Interior    Location    Owner     Pi

unknown         16447       V8    71/2E      (820 dark blue)  Saskatchewan  link
ST102576 Impala Custom 2dr hrdtp   M38   Lemans Blue met/Parch vinyl top

009053         C08 C50 U80                         spotted by 67poncho

unknown     15569      250ci       10      (818 blue bench)    Nova Scotia  link
ST107415   Belair 4dr sdn    M35   Tuxedo Black       kijiji
C24157   St Therese

5th week Aug.     16447       327ci      40/2B    (805 black)  Alberta   link
1968        Impala Custom 2dr hrdtp     M38     Butternut Yellow/black vinyl top
#os250586    C08

3rd week Sept.    16437      V8           55  (820 D. blue)  ontario      
1968              Impala 2dr hrdtp   M38   Azure turquoise        D99  

4th week Sept.     16447     V8         69   (867 red)    ontario
1968            Impala Custom 2dr hrdtp    M38   Cortez silver                       

Sept. 30th 1968    16437  427ci L36   71   (859 parchment bucket) Sask. link
ST103227     Impala SS427 2dr hrdtp   M20   Lemans Blue met.
St. Therese    A01 A51 A82 B37 D33 D99 F41 G80 J50 J52 K02 K05 N40
PU3 U63 U80 V31 V32 ZJ7 Z24     spotted by 67poncho
Weaton Chev Olds Ltd.-Regina Saskatchewan

1st week Oct.       16447      V8         67   (837 gold)   ontario
1968             Impala Custom 2dr hrdtp   M38   Burgundy                          

1st week Oct.  16447  350ci L48  65/2B   (859 parch. & black bckt) Sask. link
1968       Impala Custom 2dr hrdtp   M38  Olympic Gold met/black vinyl top
#os254058   A51               Cheviac

2nd week Oct.    15569       6cyl         57   (850   ontario link
1968              Belair  4dr sdn      M35     Fathom Green                           
ST115466   St.Therese

1st week Nov.     16437     327ci        65     (837 gold bench) Sask.   link
1968          Impala 2dr hrdtp   M38  Olympic Gold
#os27596?     C50                                           ,kijiji

1st week Nov.  16467 327ci  65/1B (853 med. green bench) Sask.
1968       Impala conv.    M38   Olympic Gold met/black top    link
ST 121594  St.Therese      059 441             kijiji       

1st week Nov.    16447    396ci L66     71    (805 black)  Maine     link
1968   Impala Custom 2dr hrdtp     M40   Le Mans Blue     , spotted by Tar6569
ST 122216 Ste.Therese    C60 J50 N40 P01 P75 U63 ZK8

export   Portland, Maine zone 

1st week Nov.  16647   427ci    52/2B   (808 black strato bench)  Alberta link
1968  Caprice 2dr hrdtp  M40  Garnet Red /Black vinyl top  A53 C08 C50 U57
ST126269           St.Therese                             spotted by sixtywagon

3rd week Nov.    16437   Z24    427ci     57/2E    (859 parchment)  Sask.   link
1968          SS427 2dr hrdtp     M20     Fathom Green/parchment vinyl top
ST130488    A51 C08 C50 U73 U80                       spotted by 67poncho
St.Therese    072028

4th week Nov.    16447      V8         65     (837 gold)   Sask.           no pic
1968          Impala Custom 2dr hrdtp    M38   Olympic Gold      spot. by Cheviac

3rd week Dec.  16467    V8    57/1A     (859 parchment bench) Alberta  link   
1968         Impala conv.    M38    Fathom Green met/white top
ST139104   088099   St.Therese    C50 U46                                kijiji

1st week Jan.     16639      V8     69/2B      (813 med. blue)  Maine  no pic
1969        Caprice 4dr hrdtp     M35      Cortez Silver/black vinyl top
ST 145374 Ste.Therese export   C08      ,101412   spotted by tar6569

2nd week Jan.    16469   V8     71    (820 dark blue bench) Sask.    link
1969          Impala 4dr sdn   M38    Lemans Blue met.
#os268198  spotted by 67poncho

2nd week Jan.     16467       V8     57/1B    (859 parchment )  Ontario   link
1969            Impala conv.     M35    Fathom Green/black top         ,kijiji
ST107895  St.Therese      A51 U80    025462

2nd week Jan.    15336    6cyl     10     (815 med. blue bench) Sask.    link
1969    Biscayne Brookwood 2 seat wagon   M35   Tuxedo Black
ST 140871  St.Therese  103014   C50             Cheviac

3rd week Jan.   15636           327ci         59   (851
1969           Belair Townsman 2 seat wagon      M35     Frost green       ontario

#ST146322  St.Therese

3rd week Jan. 1969     16437   V8     59   (860 green bench) B.C link
#os27096     Impala 2dr hrdtp   M35   Frost Green met.    kijiji

4th week Jan.       15411       V8     FC122C  (816 blue)ontario
1969               Biscayne 2dr sdn    M35   Blue/white                  
#ST140926  ST.Therese

5th week Jan.    16447    327ci    65/61   (837 gold bench) Sask.    link
1969    Impala Custom 2dr hrdtp   M38    Olympic Gold/Burnished Brown met.
#os271505    spotted by 67poncho

2nd week Feb.     16439     327ci     55   (844 med. turquoise)  Ontario    link
1969             Impala 4dr hrdtp    M38   Azure Turquoise                 kijiji
158100 St.Therese C50 U80

2nd week Feb.  16437   327ci    50/2B   (844 med. turquoise bench) B.C  link
1969    Impala 2dr hrdtp   M38    Dover White/black vinyl top
#os272612                             kijiji

3rd week Feb.    15469     V8     53    (816 blue bench)  Sask.     link
1969       Biscayne 4dr sdn     M35    Glacier Blue met.  
#os276301    spot. 67poncho

4th week Feb.      15669         V8        51  (818 blue)   ontario link
1969                   Belair  4dr sdn             Dusk blue                                
ST107275   St. Therese

4th week Feb.  16469     350ci L48      55      (844 med. turquoise) Alberta  link
1969   Impala 4dr sdn     M38    Azure Turquoise

#os276535?   C50                                           ,kijiji

1st week March    15469        V8           71    (816 blue)  ontario
1969                Biscayne 4dr sdn     M38   Lemans Blue                      

1st week March    15411       350ci     71    (816 blue)   ontario             link
1969               Biscayne 2dr sdn        Lemans Blue                     spot.68sd
ST167257?    St. Therese

4th week March   16437    327ci        63/2F  (837 med. gold)   ontario link
1969     Impala 2dr hrdtp      M38   Champagne Met./dark brown vinyl  top
ST169574  St. Therese                                                                          spot 68sd

4th week March     16636   V8     65    (830 med. saddle bench) Sask.   link
1969    Kingswood Estate 2 seat wagon   M40   Olympic Gold met.
ST 172411  St.Therese   158480   A31 A33 B39                   Cheviac
Saskatoon Motor Products Ltd.-Saskatoon Sask.

4th week March     16447   350ci  L48   10/50     (866 red)   Nova Scotia   link
1969                Impala Custom 2dr hrdtp    M38    Tuxedo Black /Dover White
#os27838?                                  C49                                kijiji

4th week March     16437       V8       65/2B     (805 black)  Saskatchewan  link
1969             Impala 2dr hrdtp    M38    Olympic Gold met./black vinyl top
#os280134      C60 A31                            spotted by 67poncho

April 1969      15436       327ci           53             (813 med. blue)   Alberta  link
#ST172881    Biscayne Brookwood 2 seat wagon     M38   Glacier Blue met.   
St. Therese               Don Wheaton Chev Olds Edmonton Alberta  

2nd week April      16437     350ci L48     65     (837 gold)   Saskatchewan  link
1969              Impala 2dr hrdtp    M38     Olympic Gold met.
#os283004                       Spotted by 67poncho

5th week April     15411     427ci    59        (802 black)    ontario           no pic
1969             Biscayne 2dr sdn   M20      Frost Green          spot. 69Laurentian   
ST183341  St.Therese

3rd week  April    16447       350 ci     50/2E   (867 bucket)  67poncho
1969  Impala Custom 2dr hrdtp  L48   Dover white/Parchment top  Sask.

3rd week April    16447    V8   53     (821 dark blue bench) Sask.     link
1969        Impala Custom 2dr hrdtp   M38     Glacier Blue met.     Cheviac

3rd week of April  15369       6cyl   55  (802 black)   Ontario    
1969                Biscayne 4dr sdn   M38   Azure turquoise                  

4th week April     16437 Z24     427ci   51/2E     (812 black)    California     link
1969                Impala SS427 2dr hrdtp    M20     Dusk Blue/parchment top
ST182223   St. Therese           A51 U80 C08    175120?
1 of    80 built

5th week April     15569         6cyl       59    (850 med. green)  ontario link
1969              Belair 4dr sdn         M35   Frost Green      182270   spot. 68sd
St. Therese

5th week April      16437    327ci    55    (858 parchment & black)  Alberta  link
1969            Impala 2dr hrdtp     M38    Azure Turquoise    U80   

5th week April    16437    350ci L48   65    (837 med. gold bench) Sask.  link
1969         Impala 2dr hrdtp   M38   Olympic Gold met.
#os286035   D99    Saskatoon Motor Products Ltd.-Saskatoon Sask.

1st week May     16646    V8      55    (830 med.saddle Bench) Sask.   link
1969   Kingswood Estate 3 seat wagon   M40   Azure Turquoise
ST 183778  St.Therese   184037   V55 C51               Cheviac

2nd week May     16467    V8      59/1B    (853 med. green bench) B.C   link
1969        Impala conv.   M38    Frost Green met/black top
ST 185146   St.Therese   185315            kijiji

June 25th   16467 Z24  427ci L36  67/1A    (859 parchment)  Quebec   link
1969   6C      Impala SS427 conv.    M40   Burgundy met./white top
ST191075  A02 A31 A39 A51 D33 J50 J52 N33 N40 PU4 UF1 U26 U35 U79
ZJ4 ZJ7 Z24                                 kijiji
G.M Sales Dept. Product Stock -Oshawa Ontario

4th week June     15311   6cyl     59    (849 green bench) Sask.     link
1969      Biscayne 2dr sdn   M35   Frost Green met.            Cheviac
ST 199420 St.Therese    219423


 4337 produced of model 16437  (31 of all Impalas with L36/M20/Z24)

1721 of model 16467 produced (65 full size converts with L36)

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