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Post Info TOPIC: Got the VVS doc for the 65.

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RE: Got the VVS doc for the 65.

From Mr. Zapora,



65 Laurentian post, 67 Grande Parisienne 4 door HT. 

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The full size Pontiacs were the best selling cars in Canada in 1965.

Since the first example we have of the B appearing is in November of 64 ( early in the production year ) this wouldn't be explained by the record production which wouldn't have been anticipated in November.

Interesting that neither the Acadian or Beaumont parts book for 65 and 66 make any reference to this anomoly in the factory code.


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norontcan wrote:

So we have a few examples of the B code existing but I take it that no M codes have yet surfaced.

 Not that I have found... "yet"...

For those that don't know the registry... here is the list of cars we do have:

1965 (at least 97743 built)  Paint (brochure)
production date     model   engine   colour    interior   location?   owner   pic

Aug.26th 1964   75569      6cyl         D   (219 blue)   Manitoba       link
#700410        Laurentian 4dr      Mist Blue met.        B70   spot. by 62Beaumont

Aug. 26th 1964     76467      V8          W    (266  blue)   Alberta         link
#701285           Parisienne conv.     M35    Glacier grey / Top-11      kijiji

Sept.9th 1964    75669      283ci       K  (220 turquoise)  Spotted by 67Poncho
#700618        Laurentian 4 dr       Artesian turquiose   Saskatchewan 

Sept. 17th 1964    75569     6cyl         V    (222 fawn)   Ontario       link
704900        Laurentian 4dr      Cameo Beige                           hdboug

Sept.23rd 1964  76439       V8           C    (249 black)  Alberta                  link
#705347        Parisienne 4dr hrdtp  Ermine White     spotted by 66grandeguy

Sept.24th 1964  76637     V8          V    (291 fawn) Alberta                     link
#706164   Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp  M35 Cameo Beige   spot. by 66grandeguy

Sept. 30th 1964     76637      V8       N     (287 plum)  B.C         link
#707162     Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp    M35      Madeira Maroon            ,kijiji

Nov.4th 1964     76467    V8            D   (266 blue)  Alberta     spot.66grandeguy
#706137        Parisienne conv.      Mist Blue met./ top 10 white   A31     link

Nov.5th 1964    B76469     V8            V    (248 fawn)  Sask.           link
#708590         Parisienne 4dr   Cameo Beige                   spotted 67poncho

Nov. 9th 1964    76469    283ci     C    (246 blue bench) Ontario   link
#710103   Parisienne 4dr sdn   Ermine White        kijiji

Nov. 9th 1964   B76437        V8         Y     (249 black)   Sask.           link
#710203     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp       Crocus Yellow      spotted by 67poncho

Nov. 9th 1964   B76437      283ci          C     (247 turquoise)  B.C      link
710439       Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M35     Ermine White

Nov. 13th 1964    76467    327ci     T    (270 black bench)  B.C     link
#710082    Parisienne conv.    M35    Capri Gold met./TP-02 black top
A31                                             craigslist

Nov.25th 1964   B76437      283ci       Y    (543 fawn)  ontario            no pic
#719757    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     Crocus yellow           spotted by 69Belair

Nov. 26th 1964   76435      409ci       2D     (563 blue)   Alberta        link
#717636        Parisienne wagon    M20     Mist Blue met.     A33       65wagon

Dec. 29th 1964   76637    283       R       (291 fawn)  Alberta             link
#716810     Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35   Regal Red           65Wagon
Dealer installed parchment top

Jan. 7th 1965     75635        V8           K   (223 red)    Sask.            link
#715228     Laurentian wagon      Artesian Turquoise        %         Cheviac

Jan.11th 1965    76469         V8          K    (247 turquoise)  Alberta         link
#721603        Parisienne 4dr       Artesian Turquoise      spotted 66grandeguy

Jan 12th 1965    75369          6cyl          V   (860 fawn) Ontario
#722194     Strato Chief 4dr           Cameo Beige

Jan. 13th  1965    76637    409ci        Y     (281 black )    Alberta          no pic
#723411          Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M40      Crocus  Yellow  65 wagon

Jan. 14th 1965     76667       V8          E     (286 gunmetal)   Alberta   link
#721218    Custom Sport conv.    M20   Danube Blue/Top-10 white
A31                  spotted by    JC

Jan. 15th 1965   76667    V8     C     (285 red bucket) Alberta  link
#722006     Custom Sport conv.   M35   Ermine White/T-10 white top
A31               spot. sixtywagon

Jan. 16th 1965   75369        6cyl          N?    (876 red) Alberta                    link
#724577       Strato Chief 4dr sdn   Madeira Maroon        spotted 66grandeguy

Jan. 18th 1965      75311     6cyl         V       (860 fawn )                       link
#724745          Strato Chief 2dr sdn     Cameo Beige        Hdboug

Jan. 21st 1965     75569    230ci        E    (219 blue)    Alberta              link
#726381     Laurentian 4dr sdn     Danube Blue         spotted by 67Custom

Jan,21st 1965    76435          V8          W/D   (279 slate)   ontario            link
#727107    Parisienne wagon        Glacier Grey/Mist Blue    A33 D99     

Jan.22nd 1965  76467           283ci        C      (269 red)  ontario

#726435      parisienne conv.        Ermine white  /     TP-2 black     

Jan. 25th 1965    76467     283ci    P   (271 parchment & black) Alberta  link
#726893    Parisienne conv.     M35     Evening Orchid met/T-10 white top

Jan. 25th, 1965  76637         283ci       Y    (281 black)  Ontario
#727780   Custom sport hrdtp     M35   Crocus Yellow                   

Jan. 26th 1965       76637     V8             T   (284 fawn )                             link
#727993      Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp    M35    Capri Gold Met.       kijiji

Jan. 27th 1965    76439    327ci    N    (249 black bench) Alberta    link
#728623  Parisienne 4dr hrdtp   M35   Madeira Maroon          kijiji

Jan. 29th 1965    B 76437    V8            C     (250 plum)   Sask.                link
#729632          Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Ermine White                                   cheviac

Feb. 1st 1965     76467      327ci L30     C    (267 turquoise)   Alberta          link
Parisienne conv.    M35    Ermine White/Top-10 White        kijiji
A02 C14 J50 N40 P01 P62 T86 U63    Loewen Pontiac Buick Ltd.-Penticton B.C

Feb.2nd 1965    76637       V8         D    (283 slate )  Alberta                     link
#731407    Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp  M35  Mist Blue met.  spot. by 66grandeguy 

Feb.3rd 1965     76637          V8          P   (281 black)  Alberta  Scrapped  no pic
#739324   Custom Sport hrdtp   M35  Evening orchid                  66 Grande guy

Feb. 9th 1965      76467        V8       R   (271 parchment & black)  ontario  link
#732900     Parisienne conv.     Regal Red  /  Top-02 black     spot. Cdnpont

Feb. 10th 1965     76467    283ci    E     (271 parchment & black)  ontario   link
#733430      Parisienne conv.  M35     Danube Blue /Top-02-black       Kijiji

Feb. 11th 1965    B76439      V8        A     (250 plum)  Saskatchewan link
#734570      Parisienne 4dr hrdtp    Tuxedo Black         spotted by 67poncho

Feb. 11th 1965      B75369    6cyl     K      (852 turquoise) Sask.    link
#734810    Strato Chief 4dr sdn     M35    Artesian Turquoise      kijiji

Feb. 17th 1965   76667   283ci     D    (286 gunmetal) B.C      link
#735159     Custom Sport conv.   M35     Mist Blue met/Tp-10 white top

Mid Feb. 1965      76467     283ci         ?           (269 red? )   Ont.     link
#735896     Parisienne conv.                                 ,kijiji

Feb. 22nd 1965    75645      283ci      C     (220 turquoise)  Alberta     link
#734895    Laurentian 3 seat wagon     Ermine White       Gus65

Feb. 23rd 1965     76469    283ci       D      (246 blue)   Alberta       link

#739370      Parisienne 4dr sdn    M35     Mist Blue met.      D99       kijiji

Feb.25th? 1965    B75311   6cyl         S    (fawn)                 Alberta          link
#740696?     Strato Chief 2dr sdn   Sierra Tan      spotted 66grandeguy

March 1st 1965     76667    V8            R     (281 black bucket)     Manitoba    link
#744612     Custom Sport conv.     M35    Regal Red / Top-10 -white      A31    Kijiji

March 3rd 1965  76367    6cyl           V   (268 fawn)  Alberta                  link
#742594       Parisienne conv.       Cameo Beige  /  Top-16 beige    spot.66grandeguy

March 8th 1965   76667      327ci        A     (red)     B.C           found on ebay
Custom Sport Conv.      Tuxedo Black                                           link

March 9th 1965    76467     V8     Y     (271 parchment & black) Ont.  link
742512     Parisienne conv.       Crocus Yellow/TOP-02 black top
A31                                      kijiji

March 15th 1965    76667   283ci   B    (283 slate buckets) Alberta   link
#746993   Custom Sport conv.   M35   Nocturne Mist met/T-10 white top
A31                                          kijiji

March 17th 1965       76637             V8       C    (281 black)   Saskatchewan  link
#746344       Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp    M35    Ermine White
spotted by 67poncho

March 22nd 1965     76337      6cyl            N    (249 black)   Sask.              link
#748479          Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Madeira Maroon                          cheviac

March 22nd 1965   76637     V8         R    (288 Parch & black)  ontario     link
#748486           Custom Sport hrdtp   M35      Regal Red

March 22nd 1965     76637     V8        R    (281 black)    Sask.          link
#748998       Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp    M35   Regal Red     spotted by 67poncho

March23rd 1965  76637      409ci           A      (black int.)   Alberta link
Custom Sport2dr hrdtp    M20    Tuxedo Black    66grandguy

March 24th 1965   76435      283ci        N   (280 red)     Saskatchewan link

#748884        Parisienne Safari       Maderia Maroon      A33            67Poncho
Mid West Motors Ltd. -Regina Saskatchewan

March 24th 1965   76637   283ci      B      (286 gunmetal)    B.C           link
#749986      Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35  Nocturne Mist met ,oldnighthawk

March 25th 1965     76637   283ci         C    (285 red)   Ontario    link
    Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp    M35   Ermine White/TP-27 black vinyl top
Slessor Motors Ltd.-Hamilton Ontario            ,Ebay

March 25th 1965    76637     283ci      E/C    (290 gunmetal)                     no pic
#751660          Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp  M35   Danube Blue/Ermine White

D99  U75                   Parted for use on Custom Sport Convertible

March 25th 1965     75369   6cyl        K  (852 turquoise)  Alberta            link
#751955              Strato Chief 4dr   Artesian Turquoise   spot. 66grandeguy

March 27th 1965    76467  XRD    V8    P  (271 parchment & black) Australia
#740463      Parisienne conv.   M35    Evening Orchid/TP-02 black top   link
B70                       spotted by Budgie

March 30th 1965    76667   283ci        A     (288 parchment & black)    B.C  link
#752258      Custom Sport conv.    M35     Tuxedo Black / Top-10 white   kijiji

March 31st 1965   76667      283ci        C                       Alberta         link

#753928 Custom Sport conv.     Ermine White / top 10 white          1965CS
Stampede Pontiac Buick- Calgary Alberta

April 1965      76437      409ci                  K     (turquoise)   Ontario     link
Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   M20   Artesian Turquoise

April 3rd 1965     76637     V8           N    (281 black)    Manitoba   link
#754570  Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp  M35   Madeira Maroon/TP-27 black vinyl top

C08                                     spotted by Carl Stevenson

April 5th 1965     76637       V8           A      (285 red)  Alberta             link
#753457    Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35  Tuxedo Black   spot. Sixtywagon

April 6th 1965       76439      283ci           L   (249 black) Ontario
#751704     Parisienne 4dr Hrdtp    Tahitian Turquoise               

April 7th 1965    76667   V8     N     (288 parchment & black) Alberta  link
#757178    Custom Sport conv.   M35   Madeira Maroon/TP-10 white top

April 8th, 1965      75569     6cyl              A   (223 red)   Ontario
#756763    Laurentian 4dr             Tuxedo Black                            

April 9th 1965       76435       327ci     N       (280  red)    Alberta          link
#757862            Parisienne wagon    M35     Madeira Maroon           65 wagon

April 9th 1965      76467     V8             R   (270  black)  B.C                     link
#758584         Parisienne conv.       Regal Red  /top 2  black    spotted on ebay

April 10th 1965     76467       V8         E     (266 blue bench)                       no pic
 Parisienne conv.     Danube Blue met.       spot. 427Carl

April 12th 1965    76667       327ci         P    (287 plum)   ontario                   link
#755311      Custom Sport conv.   Evening Orchid  (top 10 -white) spotted 68sd

April 14th 1965   B76469         V8           V     (250 plum)    Sask.               link
#756045           Parisienne 4dr       Cameo Beige       %                          cheviac

April 14th 1965    76637           V8            E       (286 gunmetal)   Alberta      link
#756473   Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M20   Danube Blue/ Tp-27 black vinyl top

April 15th 1965     75645     283ci        C    (220 turquoise)    Alberta         link
#760959        Laurentian wagon      Ermine white                  Sportwagon400

April 19th 1965 76637     409ci          A        (285 red)    Saskatchewan    link
#761551    Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M20   Tuxedo Black   %%   Oldsledguy

April 24th 1965    76637    327ci             A      (281 black)   Manitoba      link
#758348    Custom Sport 2dr hdtp     M35   Tuxedo Black    D99     Kijiji

April 26th 1965    76467     283ci       T     (268 fawn)  Maryland        link
#759033    Parisienne conv.    M35   Capri Gold met./TP-02 black

April 28th 1965     76667     327ci       C         (285 red)   Alberta          link
Custom Sport conv.     M35   Ermine White /Top-2 black     Kijiji

Late April 1965    76437   V8    R/C  (248 fawn bench) Sask.  no pic
#765424    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Regal Red/Ermine White

April 28th 1965    76637        V8           A              (285 red)   Ontario          link
765784       Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp    M35  Tuxedo Black        hdboug

April 30th 1965  B76437     V8              A   (plum)  Alberta link
#766625     Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     Tuxedo Black      spotted by 66grandeguy    

May 3rd 1965    76467     283ci           ?                    ontario                  link
#766685       Parisienne conv.     M35                                                          Kijiji

May 3rd 1965     B76439        V8          D   (246 blue)   ontario                   link
#768077     Parisienne 4dr             Mist Blue met.

May 4th 1965        76637      283 2bbl    B     (290 Gunmetal )      norontcan
Custom Sport 2dr  Hrdtp      Nocturne Mist          ontario                link
Rumble -Leaside Ontario

May 10th 1965     76437     V8     W     (246 blue bench)  Alberta    link
#770130    Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    Glacier Grey            kijiji

May 12th 1965    76467    283ci       D       (266 blue)     B.C                link
#771936      Parisienne conv.   M35    Mist Blue met/TP-10 white top
A31 A42

May 14th 1965    B75669    283ci       A      (223 red bench)  Saskatchewan link
#772014      Laurentian 4dr sdn    Tuxedo Black       ,spotted by 67poncho

May 20th 1965    76467        327ci     R     (271 Parchment & black)  B.C      link
#769209        Parisienne conv.
M35    Regal Red  / T-10 white top    spot.68sd

May 25th 1965      75369    6 cyl            C   (876 red)   Saskatchewan      link
#774777          Strato Chief 4dr       Ermine White    T-86    spotted 67poncho

May 25th 1965      76637      327ci            E    (286  gunmetal)   B.C       link
#775226     Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp     M35   Danube Blue 

May 26th 1965   76467    V8      A    (269 red bench)  Sask   link
#774085   Parisienne conv.    Tuxedo Black /Top-10 white
Sold new Rosthern Saskatchewan               Kijiji

May 31st 1965      75369     6cyl              C   (876 red)   Ontario
#777828      Strato Chief 4dr           Ermine White                      

June 1st 1965    76667     283ci     C    (283 slate)   Manitoba      link
#769784    Custom Sport conv.    M35    Ermine White/ToP-11    kijiji

June 3rd 1965     76637     283ci      Y    (288 parchment & black) Alberta  link
#780199      Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35   Crocus Yellow      Kijiji

June 4th 1965     76339    6cyl     P     (250 plum bench) Sask.     link
#779476    Parisienne 4dr hrdtp     Evening Orchid met.        Cheviac

June 7th 1965    76637    V8     A    (281 black bucket) Sask.       link
#778275  Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   3 speed std.   Tuxedo Black      
spot. 67poncho

June 8th 1965     B76469      V8             L   (247 turquoise)  Sask.            link
#774407         Parisienne 4dr       Tahitian Turquoise                               cheviac

June 10th 1965   76637   283ci    N     (287 plum buckets) Sask.    link
#777578 Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp  M35  Madeira maroon/T-28 beige vinyl top
C08                          kijiji

June 11th 1965   76637    327ci        R      (281 black)    Alberta link
#757046          Custom Sport hrdtp   M20   Regal Red                       Randy

June 11th 1965    76667     283ci     C         (286 gunmetal)  B.C          link
#781726      Custom Sport conv.    M35      Ermine White

June 11th 1965    76667    V8     K    (288 parchment & black) Alberta    link
#782246   Custom Sport conv.   M35     Artesian Turquoise /T-02 black top

June 11th 1965    75369     6cyl        N     (876 red)  Alberta             link
#782283       Strato Chief 4dr   3 speed manual   Madeira Maroon        65wagon

June 15th 1965    B75611      V8         C   (223 red)   Sask.                     link
#778831           Laurentian 2dr sdn     Ermine White                            Cheviac

June 17th 1965  76467       283ci       L   (267 turquoise)  ontario         no pic
#782520      Parisienne conv.  Tahitian Turquoise /top 02 black   spot.73cutlass

June 17th 1965    B76339     6cyl       A     (246 blue)  Manitoba   link
#785047      Parisienne 4dr hrdtp     Tuxedo black       D99        HdBoug
Winnipeg Motor Products Ltd.-Winnipeg Manitoba

June 19th 1965    B75369    6cyl             K  (852  turquoise)  Alberta        link
#785885          Strato Chief 4dr        Artesian Turquoise     spotted 66grandeguy

June 20th 1965       76469    V8     W/A     (249 black bench) Alberta   link
#781750     Parisienne 4dr sdn    Glacier Grey/Tuxedo Black   D99     kijiji

June 21st 1965   76667        V8             C      (285 red)            the Garretts  link
#787720      Custom Sport conv.    M35    Ermine White  /  Tp-10 white top

June  24th 1965    76637      283ci      N        (285 red)  Alberta        link
#787818      Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   Madiera Maroon                 Kijiji
Stampede Motors Ltd.-Calgary Alberta

June 29th 1965   76439     283ci           A                   Belgium                     link
Parisienne 4dr hrdtp     Tuxedo Black         spotted kijiji

June 30th 1965    76667     V8     E     (288 parchment & black) Ontario  link
#791899    Custom Sport conv.   M35    Danube Blue/TP-10 white top
spotted by Norontcan

July 5th 1965      76667      283ci          D     (283  slate)     Germany     link
#776885        Custom Sport conv.   M35   Mist Blue /  TP-10 white top   Checker
A02 F40  U80       L. Thibault & Fils Ltee.-Matane Que.

July 7th 1965           76637    V8         Y       (281 black)     Alberta     link
#780276  Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35   Crocus Yellow/TP-27 black vinyl top
A31 C08 U75                                                                                    Whiskydog

July 12th 1965      76437     283ci ?          A      (black)     Alberta                   link
#793125       Parisienne hrdtp         Tuxedo black                 66 Grande guy

July 12th 1965      76467      283ci           A         (red)        Ontario                link
Parisienne Conv           Tuxedo Black                Drew

July 13th 1965     76467     327ci            K     (267 turquoise)  B.C         link
#795311           Parisienne conv.      Artesian Turquoise / Top-10 -white

spotted by 455GTO

July 15th 1965    76437    283ci          E            (246 blue)  Alberta      link
#794929            Parisienne 2dr hrdtp     Danube Blue    spotted by Elroy

July 15th 1965    76667     327ci            P     (287 plum)  Alberta    link
#796673     Custom Sport conv.    M35  Evening Orchid  /  TP-10 white top  A31

July 16th 1965     76439     327ci         L     (247 turquoise)    Alberta      link
#794522         Parisienne 4dr hrdtp   M35    Tahitian Turquoise      65 wagon

July 19th 1965     76439       V8            E   (246 blue)   ontario            link
#795580     Parisienne 4dr hrdtp       Danube Blue                   

July 21st 1965    76467    V8       N   (269 red bench)      no pic
#789454    Parisienne conv.     Madeira Maroon                 kijiji

July 21st 1965   76637   V8   K  (288 parch. & black bucket)Manitoba
#790216   Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp   M35   Artesian Turquoise  link
U75     spot. hdboug

July 21st 1965  76637   327ci     N   (288 Parchment & black)  Manitoba link
#790219    Custom Sport 2dr hrdtp  M35   Madeira Maroon               kijiji

July 22nd 1965    76437        V8          B   (246 blue)   Sask.                    link
#796366           Parisienne 2dr hrdtp   Nocturne Mist    spotted by 67poncho

July 26th, 1965      75569     6cyl            V   (222 fawn)  Ontario
#788492         Laurentian 4dr         Cameo Beige                            

July 27th 1965    76467      V8           E       (266 blue bench)   Missouri     link
#789056    Parisienne conv.   Danube Blue/TP-10 white top
ChrisGillam        originally Alberta

July 27th 1965    76435       V8         R    (280 red)     ontario                  link
#789323          Parisienne wagon    Regal red     A33            spot. 68sd

July 27th 1965   B76439     V8            K     (247 turquoise )   Alberta            link
#797743    Parisienne 4dr hrdtp    Atresian Turquoise        spotted 66grandeguy

July 28th 1965    75511       6cyl       E    (219 blue bench)        link
#798182     Laurentian 2dr sdn    Danube Blue                  Barrie

July 29th 1965   76637    327ci     P  (287 plum) Saskatchewan    Frozennorth
 Custom Sport hrdtp  M35 Evening Orchid met. / T-27 black top link

July 30th 1965   76437      283ci            K    (247 turquoise)   Alberta      link
#789014          Parisienne 2dr hrdtp    M35  Artesian Turquoise               kijiji

2a tag.JPG


Since the latest we have is July 30' Marks data tag is 2 days sooner, the 28th but yet the documents say the 30th. Again I am wondering, was there trouble with the B cars that they were delayed.. an I appreciate the tag being with the car at the start of production.

Not only that, look how far past his cars body number is! 9168 units!!


I just noticed Marks car is there although no B is with it... Notice the car before his is also a B and has a higher body number that the cars posted after it.

July 27th 1965   B76439     V8            K     (247 turquoise )   Alberta            link
#797743    Parisienne 4dr hrdtp    Atresian Turquoise        spotted 66grandeguy

July 28th 1965    75511       6cyl       E    (219 blue bench)        link
#798182     Laurentian 2dr sdn    Danube Blue                  Barrie

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Yes, the body numbers seem all over the place when comparing consecutive days. And my tag shows 2 days before the document date.

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It was 1965 fellas, no computers, manual labour, bad attitudes, $hit happened, we may never know the answer, although I'd like to.


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I also checked the Cdn Chevy 11 and Chevelle book looking for the B or M indication. Not there.
My 65 Chevrolet book is missing the page we need does anyone else have it?
The Buick and Oldsmobile books don't offer any help.

Here's another SWAG ( scientific wild ass guess ). Might the B and M coded cars have been made on a production line other then the regular Pontiac line(s). In other words made on the Buick line because they were selling so well vs the Buicks which might not have been in demand so production space was available.

It's an FM ( friggin mystery ) so far.


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73SC wrote:

It was 1965 fellas, no computers, manual labour, bad attitudes, $hit happened, we may never know the answer, although I'd like to.

 Ray, it isn't an issue of the $hit happens theme, inquiring minds would like to have a look into the way things were done.... and why..... that's it. Also, it wasn't only 1965.. it was 1966 as well and from what we have seen, ONLY 1965 and '66... It would seen no other tag is stamped like it other than the S/T tags. And I have snapped a bunch load of tags for the site... They became an interest to me.  As a guy who worked with GM on the floor for nearly 20 years, I have seen quite a bit of $hit and always wondered how that $hit came to be.... nothing more, nothing less.


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beaumontguru wrote:

Thats what i thought too Carl.  But i dont know my 65 Bbody canadians that well.   

Could it have something to do with the ULTRA late season build?  like over 10,000 units and some different numbers/letters were in play???

Chevelles and beaumonts it was always numbers only

Calling Dano,  how do the canadian 65 Impala Serials look???

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 Both of my Impalas are O

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There was a chap on here that had quite a lot of info about old Toronto dealerships.
Name/Profile escapes me though.


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Here's 4 data plates from 65s and 66s that I snapped 7 years ago at Flatla Auto Wreckers in AB.
Don't believe the registry was active then so don't think they were added.
Interesting how many have a B
65 Laurentian V8 4dr sedan data plate.jpg

65 Parisienne 2dr hdtp data plate.jpg

66 Pontiac Parissiene data plate.jpg

66 ParisienneV8 4dr hdtp data plate.jpg


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If we ever do come across them, we should be sure to document the plate and add them. The more the better. The field cars are going away.

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Geez, Mark.  You sure did open up a can of worms with this one!!!!biggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrin




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beaumontguru wrote:

Geez, Mark.  You sure did open up a can of worms with this one!!!!biggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrin

 A bad B movie!


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Johnny B Goode started it.


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re Davies Pontiac Buick in Woodbridge, I suggest calling Woodbridge Library. They'll likely be able to provide some info, and if you're real lucky they'll have old yellow pages and you can maybe get a photo of a listing. Or possibly even old newspapers for old ad's.

A buddy of mine here in Calgary has a set of license plate frames from a Ford dealership in Coronado CA (now part of San Diego). With a little digging and help from the Coronado Public Library we were able to determine that dealership was only in existence for about a year in the late 60's. Someone with a Mustang from that dealership would likely be interested in those frames.

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