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Post Info TOPIC: Hearing a rattle...hmm.

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Hearing a rattle...hmm.

On the 65 over the last while, when I've been out driving on the highway at any length of time, at, say 2300 RPM sustained, a rattle at the back starts. Starts quiet, not constant then becomes louder and all the time. Sounds like it's near the right rear tire. Travels right through the body and it's alarming.

Goes away after I return to the sideroads and drop the RPM's. Kind of strange and worrisome. Is it a problem with the rear end? The brakes? A loose suspension part or even a loose wheel?


No, on examination under and at the back.... it's the tailpipe exit on the passenger side! I can see the rub mark on it. When the system heats up at that constant RPM, I'm assuming it expands and moves that 12 feet or so of pipe enough to make the tip just kiss the body pinchweld!

Easy fix. Loosen the tailpipe hanger and move the pipe inboard a wee bit. Thank goodness! Cheers.


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I had an incident where I backed into a curb and the tailpipe got bent and pushed right up against the inside of the tire.  Could smell rubber burning after a short distance and pulled into a muffler shop where they got the torches out and pulled the pipe away from the tire.   The pipe was that close that it got down to the cords on the sidewall.  That was the end of that tire. Made it home ok.





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